Boys Of Premier: Graeme

17 June 2013

Photographer Cecilie Harris captures the versatile talents of Graeme Metz in our stunning new Boys of Premier portrait features. To celebrate London Collections: Men, we selected some of our favorite Premier boys in town this season, and will present five portrait features in total, one each week.

First out a new favorite of ours, the very beautiful Canadian Graeme. Graeme first charmed us with his amazing lips, and later woo'd us with his artful wisdom. Needless to say we’ve never seen a boy work a window quite like he does.

Graeme comes from a classically trained ballet background, and says his ‘body craves dance‘. Cecilie showcases his subtle and wistful movements in this mesmerising and dream like series of portraits. Creating interesting and beautiful shapes with his body, he transforms throughout our shoot from serene to striking.

This boy interprets parks for forests, has a passion for architecture, and we feel Graeme is most definitely one to watch. Grooming by the lovely Jennifer Parker. To get to know Graeme a bit better click here for a full interview.

Above and Below: Graeme wears, Jeans MQT, Shirt GABICCI, Hoodie L'ESTRANGE LONDON, Shoes VERAS, Graham cap.


L'Estrange London

Words by Annie Ounstead.

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Graeme Metz_NS7
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