The Boys Of LCM: AW16

12 January 2016

The strange, delicate creatures have arrived again. And we mean that with love. Amassed in central London, their daintily carved faces and eclectic cheekbones fend of the wintry airs. London Collections: Men has been in the air again, it's voice meandering down the alleyways for the last four days. Can you hear it whispering in your ears? Don't say goodbye yet.

As the excitement tainted days unfolded over the weekend, bringing you a new season of designs for Autumn Winter 2016, boy after boy became acquainted with the fearsome catwalk. With jumpers shrugged from shoulders and the darkest shades haunting the different corners of backstage and show, when the boys were released back into the wild (we mean go outside for a fag-break), photographer Caoimhe Hahn wielded her camera, capturing the offhand moments the runway doesn't see. You know, the bits where boys are charming and funny?

Boys by Girls caught up with some faces from print issues old and the new ones, as well as boys we met for the first time, faces that have stomped precariously down the runway-path, ears ringing with the accompanying music. We uncover the boys behind the guises of London's favourite designers, and soon find out that what lies beneath the season's freshest faces.

Noa Tomas at AMCK Models London

Noa’s dad is a professor, so he spent his childhood riding his bike around the college his father worked for. He now has a new interest: surfing Hawaii’s cold waters. Happy that modelling gives him an opportunity to travel to amazing places and experience different kinds of culture, you will sometimes see him wearing glasses simply to try to look older. Either way, designers like Burberry and Grace Wales Bonner loved him this season, as he was invited to showcase their new collections on the runway.

Ben Rees at AMCK Models

Burberry, Matthew Miller and Agi & Sam love this quirky redheaded boy with the alien shirt who lives in lovely Portobello Road with the company of his three legged cat. They probably watch all Arsenal games together from their living room sofa or dance to the tunes of Travis Scoot’s new song (that Ben thinks everyone should know).

Joep van de Sande at Rebel Management

Joep is a 22-year-old musician who plays the trumpet and piano when he is not on the catwalk for Topman and Coach. He had to walk everywhere during LCM, as his creditcard was blocked, but that just means less squats in the gym. Walking his Border Collie dog everyday for four hours he must be used to doing it.

George Hard at AMCK Models
Is there a better way to start the 4 days of hard work for LCM than having a smoothie of bananas and kale to recharge your energy? George is definitely a dedicated and very professional model, who just walked for Xander Zhou, Grace Wales Bonner, Joshua Kane and Soulland, and likes the tunes of Erykah Badu’s music. But that's all nothing compared to the fact of how long his neck is, right?

Jack Chambers at Elite London

Skater boy Jack Chambers graced the catwalks of Topman and Alexander McQueen this season, despite his broken thumb. When he is not modelling or spending his time as a screenwriter, as half Australian he just had some family came over from 'summer' to enjoy a wonderful winter Christmas.

Joseph Mensah at Established Models and Jamie Baah-Mensah at Models1
These two Grace Wales Bonner boys are Joseph and Jamie. ‘We are not brothers by the way, haha!’. While Jamie is an engineering student who loves fast food, Joseph doesn't like any sauce on his food and thinks he is a better footballer than model.
Love Rönnlund at SUPA Models
Love's name is just as beautiful as he is himself, which got him booked with designers such as Sean Suen, Xander Zhou, Tiger of Sweden, Craig Green, Topman and James Long this season. If he is not singing to blues or jazz tunes in Stockholm, he plays a very Swedish sport called 'Floorball', which is very similar to hockey.
Matthew Clavane at D1 Models
Matthew Clavane had a totally awful breakfast the other day, that probably even his 3-legged cat wouldn’t have wanted according to Matthew. With a cool scar on his ankle, and a leg he accidentally broke at the age of three, Matthew has some advice: Don't get stuck on your bike when it's still moving. He still made a beautiful figure in this season's Topman, E.Tautz and Baartman’s & Siegel shows.

Rory Cooper at The Squad Management

Spotted in Pringle of Scotland, Lou Dalton, Tiger of Sweden and Craig Green during the London Collections: Men, we learned that Rory’s blue eyes and brown hair come from an Australian and English background and that he has ten brothers. Is any of them single?

Vlad Blagorodnov at Elite London

Vlad is Russian. He likes fashion and fashion likes him: this season designers like Topman, KTZ, James Long, Matthew Miller and Tiger of Sweden all want him in their shows. He in particular enjoys Christopher Shannon, because of his artistic style and approach.

Alex Brett at Mate Management

If found with headphones plugged in, Alex is probably listening to his favourite band Fleetwood Mac, who he has already seen twice live. Studying history he did the kind of obligatory visit to Buckingham Palace in summer, but would love to delve more into New York's history, as he has never been there. (We suggest he should gather Bauke and Lorenzo and have a good model bro trip overseas). After walking for Lou Dalton and CMMN SWDN this season, he might end up in New York at last.

Brian Whittaker at Select Model Management

Social media King Brian is a bit of a softy at heart (with an incridibly comfortable, deep voice). He loves animals (how adorable) and he is half Carribean and Canadian. He sashayed down the runway for Sibling, and may or may not have taken a selfie afterwards.

Francesco Cuizza at Named Models

Spicy boy Francesco has some real Italian charm, letting it run free after walking for Richard James, Maharishi, Oliver Spencer and Astrid Anderson. He is always on time (which tells us he’s a real gentleman and never lets a girl wait on a date). Loving the British style he preferably shaves his head by himself and never forgets to do so.

Jean Lemersre at Established Models

Ten years of ballet have paid off for Jean, (he was one of the boys at the prestigous School of Opera in Paris for a year), as he walked for John Smedley, KTZ, Margaret Howell and Matther Miller this season. He loves London for it’s vibes and crazy people, but his heart still belongs to Paris. Just to be even more of a cliche, he had a croissant for breakfast. (Oh la la).

Jos Whiteman at AMCK Models London

Wouldn’t you love a flatmate who just casually walked for great designers like Xander Zhou and Agi & Sam? Our photographer Caoimhe Hahn just happens to do and caught this cool 21-year-old boy from Croydon who rides a motor bike - and we cannot stress enough the fact that it’s not a moped!

Lorenzo Sutto at Elite London

Just heading out of his first LCM show, Agi & Sam AW16, we caught up with lovely Roman boy Lorenzo, who has never been to New York. But we believe he will go there soon, having the opportunity to show off how good he looks in his favourite leather jacket.

Mathieu Perrais at Success Models

If this charming French boy isn’t walking down the shows of Pringle of Scotland, Lou Dalton, Craig Green or Topman, he might be seen skating. Whilst he isn’t tapping his fingers along the keyboard and filling your ears with musical harmonies or strumming a guitar, Nantes boy Matthieu is also a product designer.

Mawen Moandal at AMCK Models

That chicken fajita sandwich Mawen has had this morning must have been good, as he rocked the catwalks of Agi & Sam, Xander Zhou, Margaret Howell and a whole two hours of Baartman’s and Siegel and Tourne de Transmission presentations this season. This cutie from Paris introduces his favorite musician to us: French rapper Booba.

Mees Visser at Elite London

Catching up with Mees, one of our Boys To Watch (London AW16), after his first ever LCM show: YMC. Back in his favorite, self-made jumper, he talked about how he liked the energetic vibe of YMC’s show music.

Simon K at Established Models

They say left handed guys are smart and Simon is definitively one of those. Appearing in our current issue "Growing Sideways", we were excited to see him in the shows of John Smedley, Richard James and Matthew Miller. His dreams are carefree and about having a good time with all the people on the planet (peace and love, man). Simon has a pure love of music - he loves all kinds of music.

Ted Le Sueur at The Squad Management

Lou Dalton. Pringle of Scotland and Margaret Howell. All brands that loved Tedthis season. Ted is definitively not a dreamer and deals with his reality in his art work, as he is a student at Chelsea College of Art. You might run into him along the Millbank enjoying his vegetarian lunch.

Introduction by Sophie Mayanne.
Words by Saskia Pfeiffer.

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