Boys Of LCM: Part 1

19 June 2013

In our traditionally random, yet totally planned approach to fashion week, this is where we are at with coverage of this season; in London we have no backstage coverage this time as our photographers have been super busy shooting for our 5th issue "Lessons" and are stuck in an editing marathon to get all the fabulous editorials ready for release. What we do have for you is a return of our very popular Boys of London Collections: Men features, which we will serve to you on a silver platter in two parts. After all, one of the best things about the collections surely has to be the boys! Oh, and some clothes and stuff.

So Hannah & Ieva hit the streets again to find you some of this seasons most beautiful faces and brightest characters, we’re sure you’ll love them as much as we do! Plus, as always, we made sure to get a cheeky interview with the boys too, and find out exactly why they love the summertime (our bid to encourage the sun to show it’s face).

We should also have some backstage coverage from Milan and Paris coming up for you, which are new features this season. We are all about globalisation. Yes. Sometimes. Oh and possibly a model diary or two if we're lucky. For now check out all of the lovely boys below, and come back tomorrow for a second serving of the hottest models in town!

Matthew Bell - Elite Models London

It's Matthew Bell! We do a happy dance, politely demand a hug and get on with the interview. How was the show?
The Richard Nicoll show was really good, and the show space was cool as well. I feel like I should say something about the clothing…the clothing was nice man, it was cool. It was like kind of urban… Ben, how would you describe the collection? It was kind of urban, but like…

Ben: Shiny
Matthew: Yeah, but then like leathers and shit.
Ben: Yeah, it was cool.
Matthew: Yeah it was nice, wasn’t it?
Ben: Yeah it was really nice, yeah. My favourite.
Matthew: Yeah, it was good.

Matthew: Can we do a joint interview?

Yeah if you want, and then we'll do another one with Ben to make sure he has a chance to shine on his own as well.
Matthew: You know when someone asks you ‘tell me three random things about yourself’ a hundred times?
Ben: We’ll say three random things about each other.

Yeah, do that!
Matthew: Kay, me and Ben are in a boy band called K-Y-E boys…Kye boys.

That sounds cool, is that the music that you were telling me about?
Ben: Haha, yeah. That’s the one. Those are the three facts – K, Y, and E.

Wonderful. We’re asking about summer because I had to think of a theme.
Matthew: Summer is a good one.

What’s the greatest thing about summer?
Matthew: The greatest thing about summer is…… week, darling. No, the greatest thing about summer is….
Ben: Spending time in the sun
Matthew: We’ve got another; we’re in another one. We’ve formed a rap crew. Two man deep rap crew – M-dog and B-smiz.

I really hope that this is true.
Matthew: This is true, it’s all true.

Thank you for this truly inspiring and breath-taking interview boys. You are both our favorite. And we don't say that to all the boys.

Ben Smallwood - Nevs Models

And here is more of Ben. Tell us a bit about yourself, Ben.
I’m Ben Smallwood, I’m 21, and I’m with Nevs Models.

Lovely, are you doing any shows today?
Yeah, I’m just about to do Richard Nicoll.

Awesome, how has things been going since we last saw you?
Oh yeah, haha. It’s been going good. Been enjoying chilling out and getting on with other things in addition to modelling as well, so yeah. Life’s been going good.

Are you still illustrating?
Yeah, I am, and I’m painting a lot too. I just did refurbishment for this restaurant and a club, so that’s been a really big project.

That’s Awesome.
Yeah, it’s been really good. Oh and then fashion week and stuff.

Cool, and what are your plans for this summer?
I’m going to festivals because I’m doing work in music at the moment. So yeah, I’m going to quite a few festivals, so that’ll be good. And then going to Japan at the end of the summer for two months. Looking forward to it.

Benjamin Eidem - Elite Models London

We caught the wonderful Benjamin as he sported off from Burberry on to his next show. In addition to taking the time to let us capture some images of him for our LCM feature, he also told us that the thing he loves the most about summer is the good weather, because he loves sailing. His summer plans is likely to include sailing at some point. Nice!

Benjamin Jarvis

Hey, tell us a bit about yourself!
I’m Benjamin Jarvis, I’m 18 and I’m with Tomorrow Is Another Day.

You’re about to do the Matthew Miller show, have you done any other shows over the collections?
Yeah! Jonathan Saunders and YMC.

What did you think of their collections?
Jonathan Saunders was really good! YMC was pretty good too, yeah it was alright! Really wearable clothes.

What’s your favoritet thing about summer… like ever?
Ummmm… the sun? Haha Not that we get much here! No, my favourite thing about summer would probably be being able to just hang with my friends. Because of my age, summer is the time when everyone is off college and stuff, so I get down-time with them. A bit of time out. Yeah that’s probably my favourite thing.

Ashton Gohil - Amck Models

Hi what's your name, age and agency?
I’m Ashton Gohil, I’m 17 and I’m with AMCK Models.

Did you just model in the show?
Yes I did! It was the MAN Fashion East Spring/Summer 2014 Collection. I did Bobby Abley, and there was Craig Green and Alan Taylor as well.

What were you wearing?
I had a few tattoos on my hands and a long mac on, with some palladium boots and some shorts, which was quite a casual outfit... but my hair, they pulled it all forward and blow dried it and put some pink on my face.

The MAN show always has some interesting elements to them.
I’ll tell you what was interesting, the walk we had to do. I’ve never had to do a walk like it, it wasn’t just like a straight platform walk there and back. It was up and down in a square. It was quite cool though. It gave me like a calf workout halfway through, so yeah. It was cool, it was cool.

That’s awesome. Do you have any plans for this summer?
This summer I’m planning to go away, then doing a bit of modeling as well. I just finished college, so it’s just time for me to relax and enjoy life, yeah.

Nick Heymann - FM Models

Hey Nick! How have you been since last season?
Pretty good, I’ve been doing Japan a second time, so spent that in Tokyo for two months, and some chilling at home.

Tell us a bit about the show you were just in.
I just did the Alan Taylor show; it was one of three shows that was going on in there. It was pretty good, quite classic.

Do you have any cool plans for this summer?
I’m going to my grandpa in Barcelona…no, not Barcelona…the Southwest of France. And then prepare for school.

Where are you at school? Are you still like…
Yeah, I’m seventeen, so I will go to school again after summer for two more years. I just took one year off for modeling.

What is your favourite thing about summer?
Going to the park and drinking some beer. In Germany it’s legal to drink beer at sixteen, so yeah.

David Valensi - Amck Models

David darling, tell our readers who you are.
Hi, I’m David Valensi, I’m 25 years old and I’m with AMCK Models,.

What shows are you doing today?
I’m gonna do the MAN show for Bobby Abley, and tonight I'm doing Spencer Hart. And I think that I’ve got a couple going for tomorrow too.

What is your favorite thing about summer?
I’d like to go on holiday or something with friends, you know, and just enjoy the sun. In another country because, it’s supposed to be summer now, but it’s as usual raining. Spain would be cool.

James Chapman - Select Models

Tell us a bit about yourself
I'm James Chapman, am with Select Model Management, I’m 19 and from London, Hertfordshire.

Who are you modeling for today?
Craig Green is my next show. I also have Gieves & Hawkes later today, and I done Dolce & Gabbana yesterday.

Oh wow, that’s pretty good!
Yeah, so that was fun. I went to the after party too, which was cool.

What do you love the most about the summer?
Summer in England, not a lot haha.

What about somewhere else?
Probably just the heat, giving that vibe. Do you know what I mean, like? So much better. Like it makes everyone so much more happier.

Jack Taffel - D1 Models

What's your name, age, and agency?
I'm Jack, I'm 17 and I'm with D1 Models.

How was the Topman show?
The Topman show was really cool; it’s a really cool collection. Really liked it, and really liked the jumper I wore. They wouldn’t let me keep it unfortunately, but it was a really fun show haha.

What do you want to do with your summer this year?
I want to try and work as much as possible. Umm… maybe go on some holidays with friends. Just see how it works out really.

Jack Burke - D1 Models

Your name, age, and agency and all of that?
I'm Jack Burke, am 18 and with D1 Models.

Who are you modeling for today?
Alan Taylor. My outfit is sort of like a white t-shirt with these cool black high waisted trousers.

What do you love the most about summer time?
Beaches and just chilling out and parks and stuff…just having fun.

Do you have any cool plans for once the hot weather sets in?
I’m going Napa, so that’ll be good.

Jack & Finn Harries - YouTube Sensations + Adorable

And to end this part 1 of our boy coverage of London Collections: Men, we have a special entry with fabulous YouTube twins, Jack & Finn Harries. They're not models, but it's ok. This is worth it, trust us. For anyone that don't know these handsome boys, Jack & Finn have become household names running a YouTube Channel called "JacksGap", which they started filming pretty much in their bedroom. We are not ashamed to say we have watched A LOT of their episodes, and if you haven't already you must subscribe to their YouTube channel. With over 2 million subscribers, the twins continue to entertain the world with their funny and totally cute videos on a regular basis, and they are all set to expand and take the world by storm. New guilty pleasure anyone!? Yes, we think so.

For the first time we saw the twins making front row appearences during several of the LCM shows including Topman and Burberry, and they were more than happy to stop for us to take their pretty picture. What adorable guys! I'm sure all our readers would agree they should stick their foot into modelling immediately. We would love to get them in for a fabulous photoshoot, Boys by Girls style. While we wait for those wishes to come true, do enjoy the above image of this handsome pair of talented twins.

Interviews by Hannah Fickling.
Photos and cute cat movements by Ieva Blazeviciute.
Words by Cecilie Harris.
Assistance with important stuff Eleni Louise.

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