Bogdan For Issue 7

22 January 2015

‘To draw people and to be drawn’.

Bogdan Romanovic's (Nevs Models) creative soul can be found at the heart of Issue 7, his true colours married with monochromatic imagery. As the feature unfolds, we see though images what he expresses in perfected sketches. His career started by being drawn just as he draws others, and here we combine the two as he depticts himself for us. The artist, the subject. lines composed to create him.

Cecilie Harris presents in photographs what he displays in his own drawn line. He is Bogdan, the defined jaw and the lips shown intensely though his personified image of himself. The lines etched thoughtfully across his face. He is the eyes that gaze into the distance, the thick strokes of black, the dashes of colour that pool around himself.

Come and sit with us as he draws self-portraits for issue 7, Cecilie captures him, sealing his image in a different light. Different perspectives, but always that one face, the only one he has. If you wish to see more of Bogdan than this small preview you can acquire a brand new copy of Issue 7 containing more lines he has put down onto paper for you all.

Words by Liz Ord.

Bogdan Art11
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