Because The Night

18 March 2016
1970’s New York. Grungy, yet classic. Dirty, yet beautiful, because that's New York City nights for you. An era brought to life by Jeroen Teerlinck in a new series, just for you. In a series overloaded with attitude and edge, photographer Aylen Torres captures Jeroen at View Management in the comforts of his own home. Taking inspirations from his idols, Patti Smith and Robert Mapplethorpe, Aylen plays with muted black and white tones, unvieling a calmness to the series.
Jeroen’s charming sensibility becomes transparent from one click to the next - a hint of romanticism. Nesting in his own mind, mediating through everyday thoughts with a lack of control, thinking is a unique hobby that Jeroen Teerlinck embraces. Switching off the light of the day and inviting the darkness to take over, his deep affection for paper back novels and tattoos take his thoughts elsewhere. He’s a tough one to figure out. Refreshing, appealing and the right kind of cryptic; just enough to make you more curious.
Using vintage clothing, Rebeca Sueiro blends western and biker elements together to create the perfect look for Jeroen. Vintage shirts drape effortlessly over him, while chunky metal rings hug his fingers. A delicate seduction of Punk Rock tells a dangerously alluring tale. The combination of textures and patterns match Jeroen’s arty 70’s vibe, allowing you to explore further into his unique personality.

Words by Rebecca Jones-Clarkson.

Jeroen_Aylen Torres1
Jeroen_Aylen Torres2
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Jeroen_Aylen Torres3
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Jeroen_Aylen Torres51
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