BBG Presents: Luca Fersko

22 February 2016

In a fast paced world of technology, globalisation and keyboard warriors, we all try to be headstrong and focused. Nevertheless, talking dogs and insanely clever cats make it very easy to become encapsulated in the whirlwind of the web. I don’t know about you, but one of the first websites (besides Google) that I learned of was YouTube, which quickly became my best friend. Staying up until the early hours of the morning with me, always with endless suggestions of yet more hilarious videos for me to watch (we share the same sense of humour you see). YouTube introduced me to new workouts to try at the gym and looked after me when I had a date planned by showing me step by step make-up tutorials. I also made new friends, people from all around the globe talking about their lives and what it is like to grow up in other parts of the world.

To suddenly awake from a YouTube coma at five am and realise you haven't yet slept was a repeated offense. I'm sure you can relate. Hundreds of hours of new video content being uploaded to the site every minute makes an ocean of possible videos for us to watch, has given room for a new generation of presenters and personalities to share their voice.

Straight talking, but polite, Luca Fersko is a perfectionist. Committed to high standards of work, he admits to re-shooting an entire video, simply because the lighting wasn't right. It's safe to say that his sacrifices are paying off as he’s verging on nearly 200 thousand subscribers on his YouTube channel. On his journey to establishing himself in this new world of broadcasting, the internet has become his catwalk. Showcasing a unique, trend conscious street style every day is a tough job to uphold, but from New York to Italy and back again has has made it work.

Diffused light enters a hallway which has seen better days. Scuffed walls and a view of a brick wall; this is a New York City apartment in all its glory. Luca brings his current favourite crew neck shirt to the shoot, showcasing an elegant, floral softness that reflects his nature off camera. Photographed in a rough and edgy environment, photographer Lauren Withrow captures the sweetheart qualities he expressed in person. Respectful and professional, it's hard to believe he's only seventeen. A pit of fire in his stomach burning all the way up to his eyes, Luca is dedicated to his vision and success. As a talented filmmaker, Luca captures his own story in a series of daily vlogs on his channel 'Life of Luca,' which co-exists alongside his main self-titled channel 'Luca Fersko.'

"I want to inspire others to express themselves without feeling doubtful about their abstract decisions," and in amongst the fashion hauls, reviews and OOTDs lies something much deeper; on his main channel, Luca discusses topics like having an open mind and the taboo subject of sex in an intimate and creative way; a way that is not usually expected of someone his age. Filming in a raw, documentary style, Luca shows you how much of an honest and family orientated guy he really is. He opens up his family life, struggles in the big world and engages his audience on a level that not many YouTubers do. Within a collection of candid video footage, he manages to create films with beautifully artistic shots showing the true creative within. He wants to create an insight into his life, but by opening up a secondary channel, not only has he increased his following, but shown a different side to his vlogging - one where he can allow imperfections and the odd blooper.

Throughout the shoot with Lauren, Luca opens up. Within the images is a young boy, determined, driven and well-travelled. Captured in his hallway to his local area, Luca sticks out like a rose in between the concrete slabs. Where he is often in front of a camera recording, a photoshoot is a breeze; the ability to be on screen comes naturally.

Luca uses his YouTube account, as well as other social media platforms, to reach out to other creatives around the world. Sharing his love and passion for art and fashion through the medium of film. "For me, the best way to tell a story is through film. People nowadays have very short attention spans, they need to see things, and these things need to be quick and fresh. The great thing about films is that everyone is going to perceive them differently. I just want people who watch my videos to always have an open mind when doing so."

Besides the deep stuff, Luca is just like you and me - the boy next door. We all love a good bowl of cereal and Luca is prone to having a bowl or two at any given point of the day. If he was to be a piece of clothing? Shoes. Any shoe. Since people supposedly look after shoes that is. Luca's own sport luxe style is suitably attuned to photographers like Tommy Ton. Now modelling, he's enjoying every step. As his Instagram suggests, he's no stranger to a selfie. Self-timer is a blessing. Let’s be honest though, with symmetry like that, who can blame him?

Luca's future is looking bright; model endorsements, loyal followers and good friends to see him through to anything he takes on. Japan is on his list; bright lights, wacky street style and outrageously good food - the perfect setting. Away from Italy he misses the lush landscape where the mountains are actually mountains and lakes aren't just large, dirty puddles. You simply can't find this in the big city. Tranquility and the evergreen beauty that Italy is known for will always be with Luca in amongst the chaos of New York.

You can find Luca Fersko on Youtube and Instagram.

Words by Savannah Liu.

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