BBG Presents: Louis Du Sauzay

31 January 2014
So with a new year in hand, we wanted to bring in something new. For our obervant readers you'll know we have a thing for talented boys, whether it be singers, illustrators, dancers, actors etc. To kick it off as first in the series of BBG Presents, we present you Louis Du Sauzay. This might become a thing. Time will tell.

The German-Haitian is more than a bit of a jack-of-all-trades. He is currently signed to Storm Models, plays lacrosse, and is also a student at Cambridge University and one half of the music duo Actaeon. A friendly soul, Louis came in to talk to us about his passions and secrets of the heart, and entertained us with his singing. He even spent some time explaining the lyrics to his original songs ('808' is named after the drum machine!).

In the video below you can witness said vocal skills and learn more about Louis as he chats about music influences, growing up in a big family of girls and ponders the mystery of love.

Check out Actaeon's YouTube channel here for more of what Louis is up to.

Words by Sara Gilmer.

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