BBG Presents: Dimitris Kad

18 January 2016

The screen flickers, the views tally up. A whole world is opened up in front of you. A meandering road of endless possibilities. The internet is your playground, the rope you jump as high as you set it. Your dreams are rhetorical, your ambition achievable. Your world is your own, just how you envision it.

At just 15 years old, Parisian Youtube favourite Dimitris Kad has no qualms about his gleaming future. The Kendall Jenner, rap music obsessed teenager talks to us about childhood dreams, his creative process which includes eating lots of fruit and life as a superhero.

Forever dreaming in a constant state of childhood ambition, adventure and visions of the future. A time where the sky has no limit and the world holds no boundaries. A bubble of safe confines, from the pricks of thorn bushes a plenty. The warmth away from the spheres problems. In a constant state of perpetuity life as a teenager can be kind of sweet. Photographer Maud Maillard captures this sugar coating with a raw essence, whilst Michael K Wallace brings a natural flair to Dmitris' story as it unfolds.

Let’s start with your name and where you’re from.
My name is Dimitris Kad and I’m from Paris.

How old are you?
I’m 15 years old - yes, a bit young!

How would you describe yourself in three words?
Passionate and always late. For the last one, I can’t think of anything else that rhymes with late, haha!

Above: Dimitris wears Shirt by SANDRO PARIS, Trousers by ZARA, Shoes by CONVERSE.

Above Left: Polo by ACNE STUDIOS, Trousers by SAINT LAURENT.
Above Right: Dimitris wears Pullover by LACOSTE, Trousers by H&M, Shoes by ADIDAS ULTRA BOOST, Watch by CASIO.

Tell us some interesting facts about yourself?
I lived in Los Angeles (Redondo Beach) at age of 11, I went to school there too. I’m a big fan of rap music.

What are your biggest passions?
Making videos, listening to music and creating images.

What inspires you?
Rap music, Willy Cartier, Kendall Jenner and Adam Katz Sinding.

Let’s go back to how your YouTube story started.
I was making photographs for popular people in Paris, to which I then created an Instagram account after I stopped photography. I guess it all started when I created my YouTube channel one year ago.

What were your childhood ambitions?
I still see myself as a child, and I'd like to be a model.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years time?
I’d like to be a model, but no one knows who and where we will be in 10 years time.

What would your dream creative project be?
To be the main role in a badass movie.

What kind of art do you create?
I don’t think what I’m doing out there is art.

Above Left: Shirt by SANDRO PARIS, Trousers by H&M. Above Right: As before.

Above: As before.

Above Left: T-Shirt by Gosha Rubchinskiy, Trousers by H&M.

What would you be doing if you weren't a Youtuber?
I would probably end up studying!

Are there any artists you would love to work alongside?
Yes, of course. For photography : Mario Testino, Terry Richardson, Karl Lagerfeld, Emma Summerton. Models : Kendall Jenner, Willy Cartier and Lucky Blue Smith.

Where do your ideas come from?
They come when I’m in the toilet or when I’m eating fruit.

If there was one place in the world you could go, where would it be?
New York, I've never been there. The city impresses me a lot, the people there and of course the vibe the city holds.

What is your favourite food?
Japanese food, it’s too delicious.

Favourite song?
My favourite song of all time is 'Antidote' by Travis Scott.

Lastly, if you could have a superpower, what would it be?
Being able to control time. Imagine if life was a song, I’d be able to go back, pause it and forward fast it. Brilliant.

Above Left: As before.
Above Right: Shirt by SANDRO PARIS, Trousers by H&M.

Above Left and Right: As before.


Hair by Kazuhiro Naka.
Makeup by Bea Michel.
Words by Rosie Williams.

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