BBG Loves: The Christmas Pick

9 December 2015
Picture this; you’ve got a break from school or work, all wrapped up under a soft blanket in a questionable onesie that you will definitely wear no matter what (cause it’s damn comfortable). You have access to a fridge full of Christmas goodies that you will eat guilt-free for the whole of December (those dreaded New Year resolutions aren't until January!). All we want for Christmas is to disappear into a world of romance, comedy and mysteries - a world where Santa exists, the good guys win - and Buddy the elf gets the girl in the end. All we really want is the the perfect TV. We want Samsung’s new Serif TV.
Ten reasons why you might want Serif TV on top of your Christmas list:
  • It’s beautiful
  • Your cat can sit on top of it and look even more “queen of the room” than normal
  • It is a lovely piece of design and furniture
  • It has a shelf on top where you can put your favourite things!
  • Serif TV and Serif TV Medium comes with it’s own set of easily attachable legs
  • Perfect for snoozing in front of whilst watching the Queen's speech on Christmas day
  • It can be put on top of any safe surface without legs as well
  • It’s super sleek
  • It’s feels a bit sci-fi, which means you’re cool
  • Your TV doesn’t have to be stuck to the wall or near a wall any more
Our TV of choice for this year's Christmas list is designed by French product designers Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec and spearheads a new concept of television that is able to sit naturally within our homes. It feels kinda like a furniture that you can match in with the design of you home, and easily move it around anywhere in your living space. It is available in a selection of colours; ivory white, red and dark blue, and the Serif TV and Serif TV Medium comes with it’s own set of easily attachable legs. The top of the TV creates a small shelf, which means you can decorate it with what you want. Pretty cool right?
Serif TV is available in three sizes:
  • Serif TV Mini (24” HD screen): £499
  • Serif TV Medium (32” FHD screen): £699
  • Serif TV (40” UHD screen): £1,199
The Samsung Serif TV have broken away from usual masculine shapes, providing a subtle and elegant viewing experience. It’s made to fit into the world we live in. The TV's are available exclusively to buy online on the SerifTV and Samsung websites. If you order now it will get to you in time for Christmas!

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