BBG Diaries: Lost With Alfonso

24 July 2015

Looking at the world through someone else’s perspective is something that can inspire you, encourage you to grow and initiate brilliant and life altering changes. Looking at life through someone with a particularly good eye, now that is a completely different ball game.

It’s 6 am and a boy with brown hair, a backpack full of cameras and extension leads heads to the airport to catch a flight to Mykonos. He’s in love, full of hope and wants to get lost; so he does. He’s a boy that likes Fleetwood Mac and Blondie, full of passion and ambition for architecture, but above all, creating beautiful things. He wanders through the city, clutching the hand of the one he loves and makes his way through the labyrinth that is Mykonos, falling deeper in love with the culture, the food and the people. Alfonso Cobo is a 22 year old Architecture graduate from Spain, living in Brighton. Soon to live in London, starting a new chapter. He has a brilliant eye and one of the best Instagram pages you have ever seen. So, naturally, we asked him to document his trip to Greece.

Alfonso, it seems, also has a particular interest in getting lost. “As we grow up, that search becomes a beautiful journey full of success and self-doubt, parties and sleeping on floors. Getting lost is scary. It’s frustrating. But finding your way sometimes means turning left even when the sign says right. Not for what you might see, but for who may end up finding you along the way”. This is his image diary, allowing you to get lost with him.

Alfonso’s trip comes a few months after leaving university and finding a job. He’s a real adult now, an adult with interests and desires. He knows exactly what he wants, and that he wants is to immerse himself in the moment. His trip to Mykonos is significant for his growth, his personal ethos and his creative mind. He’s traveling to feel inspired and encouraged, artistically and aesthetically. “While we were waiting for the boat that would take us back to the main island, I glanced to my left to see an old lady painting the landscape with watercolours. She was giving prominence to the sky and used hues and shades only she could see. She was totally in the moment. For a second, I was jealous that she was finding an instance of absolute concentration and creativity whilst surrounded by unknown people from all around the world, without feeling judged. This was an eye-opening experience for me, because in that moment she was leaving behind all the insecurities she may have had to do something she truly enjoyed. We explored different beaches, tried new food, scuba-dived, and spent almost every evening watching the sunset through the palm trees, listening to the waves wash upon the shore, all with sand still in our hair.”

Travel and documenting his movements is a large part of Alfonso’s creative output. Capturing the essence of where he is, what he is doing and how he feels in that moment is crucial.

“I see design and photography as a powerful medium of storytelling, especially when exposing untold tales. I want to put myself into my work and make that story engaging. We don’t remember those nights we stayed at home watching TV. It’s all about building relationships, making discoveries and returning with new insights and lessons learned. It’s about transformation, not transportation.

So, I would recommend that if your story is feeling a little too predictable, just get lost.”

Words by India Opie Meres & Alfonso Cobo.

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