BBG Casting For Issue 5

8 March 2013

Two weeks ago we held a casting. This was no ordinary casting. This was the casting for the next Boys by Girls issue. After all of the amazing feedback you have given us on our most recent publication, “A Place Called Youth”, we are eager to start working on it. Issue 5 will be absolutely amazing, we're pretty damn sure about that. Working with a total of 15 London agencies, we weren't quite sure how many boys to expect, but the one thing we did know was that our office would not be big enough!

On a cold Saturday in February, we took over Hotel Verta by Rhombus in Wandsworth and filled it with all the best looking boys in town. Not only that; but we were also sponsored by the lovely people at Vita Coco, so there was no shortage of the deliciously healthy coconut water drinks. We know what you’re thinking… could this possibly be the best casting ever?! Yes readers. Yes it could. We recorded the whole event to share with our loyal readers (even on video dontcha know, courtesy of the lovely Diana Chire)… so read on and enjoy!

With that we introduce you to the potential faces of the Boys by Girls issue 5! Pretty tasty right? See which familiar faces you can spot.

The general consensus was that is was not your ordinary casting. You know the Boys by Girls team and we definitely don’t do things by halves. Some of the boys looked slightly wary before entering the casting room. Of course they had no reason to be; its not like they would be faced with an X Factor style panel once they entered the room…. Oh wait, they were. Sorry boys! Our “Judges” were the fabulous Cecilie Harris and Georgie Wileman, our Boys by Girls Editors.

Make sure you check out the super cool video from Diana below. She came to join us at Hotel Verta in a bid to capture as much of the day's action on her camera as possible. Enjoy!

Not wanting to let our boys get bored whilst they waited, we made sure to keep them entertained with “activities”. These included our BBG Research Project, which we have been tweeting over the last week. A completely accurate and scientific survey, we made sure to ask all of the important questions including: Blonde or Brunette? Sweet or Salty Popcorn? And what their guilty pleasure was. Make sure to check out our Twitter feed to hear about our findings.

We had some of our favourite BBG new faces turn up to say “Hi” including the Aaron Gatward at Select Model Management, and both Conor Doherty and Tom Watts at Elite Models London. Aaron arrived, greeting us with big hugs (awww) and fortunately for us there was no scooter for him to break this time. We did however make him admit to the crime during his video interview. Meanwhile, Conor had a new haircut and Tom was his usual awesome self... although maybe a little more blue than usual? We blame the cold.

We also had some visitors in the form of a few of the male models that we met during the London Collections: Men. One of the lovely boys that we got to know on our boy hunting escapades during the LCM in January was total sweetheart Chris Arundel from Storm Model Management. We first saw this beautiful boy while he was waiting backstage at the Matthew Miller show and then managed to capture him for our feature on the boys of the collections. After his trek through the cold “I’m free-eee-zin!” we thought we’d tease him with the thought of having to do a physical test during the interview involving 10 press ups … he left the waiting room looking very worried indeed! Luckily for Chris we were just joking; of course we aren’t that mean!

Konan Hanbury at Models 1, who we also met on our fashion week adventures (what glorious hair he has, we are very jealous!) was another one that stopped by to see us. Not only did he impress with his interview and seriously beautiful portrait, but left us with the present of a miniature oragami crane *sigh*. What perfection!

We had the pleasure of seeing Niall Underwood from FM Models again, who we also met during Men’s collections. Already known to be a big Boys by Girls fan (Yay he loves us!) he was super nervous before the casting, coming out with the quite brilliant line “My eyebrows are sweating because their scared!” causing us to adore him even more!

We quite agree, Chris Poulter (Nevs), sweet and salty is "lush".

The guilty pleasures of male models, who could have guessed?

With a beautiful view from the window and spoiled by the comfort at our event location, Cecilie and Georgie were quickly swimming in model cards from all the beautiful boys they saw on the day. In total 60 boys came to see us, and we are now excited to get started on the next issue. It's going to be an exciting one.

We will be sure to share more about the next issue in due time, but for now wanted to leave you as excited as we are about all the beauty we are now spoiled for choice with as we are almost done with our planning phase and start shooting it all.

By the end of the day we were unsurprisingly exhausted, completely worn out and each one of us coming down from our Vita Coco highs. In total we got see a total of 60 boys (impressive right?) interviewing and getting to know each and every one of them.

Massive thanks to all the boys that made the trip to come and see us at the wonderful Hotel Verta, we can't wait to get started on the next issue!

Backstage portraits by Jackson Frederick.
Backstage photography by Isaac Magner.
Video by Diana Chire.
Words by Hannah Fickling.

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