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4 December 2015

“Close your eyes and open your lips and howl like a wolf when the rain is at its most torrential. Punch at least one wall. Expand! Scream because you're afraid of the monsters under your bed. Drink tea. Do not underestimate the power of the full moon. Go with the tides. Don't struggle. Fall asleep with the sun on your back. Make a fire without a match. Stay and watch it burn. Kill dinner. Laugh. Laugh untill you can't breathe. Watch terrible films with brilliant friends. Let someone love you."

Olivia's words in issue 9 is as powerful as her images. We cried. Then we laughed. Then we hugged the nearest person. London based photographer Olivia Rose returns to document moments from her trips to Bermuda for Issue 9, "Growing Sideways" Details that are raw. Faces that are real. She captures natural surroundings of youth culture that sits comfortably at the heart of Boys by Girls and the new Autumn Winter '15 issue. Faces etched into uncoated paper; brothers, memories, boyhood, life.

In addition to her monochromatic visual series, Olivia Rose infuses words onto paper that are magnetic, instructive and with purpose. Remember those things you did as a child? The intentions you had, the quiet wrong-doings. Embrace them again. Embrace them after, embrace them forever. To revel in Olivia Rose' full 8-page story in Issue 9 and swim amongst her beautiful words, you can pick up a copy in stores and via our website.

Photography OLIVIA ROSE

Words by Vilija Kasiginaite.

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