Haegan And His Artistic Side

14 January 2014
Our BBG NY office recently received a visit from the charming, young Haegan O’Rourke at New York Model Management, and jumped on the chance to interview him. Combined with his adorable smile and caring nature, it was hard not go ‘aww’ and pinch his rosy cheeks for the entire chat, especially when he talked about his mom.
Standing 5'11 /180cm tall at only 13 years of age, this Irish boy definitely has a long and successful career ahead of him. Read ahead to see what this family man likes to do with his free time, (hint: it includes reading cooking magazines!)
How did you get scouted?
I was at a family party, and one of my friends' step mom is a model scout. She came up to my mom and asked if she'd want me to come in sometime. She got her number, we met and I got signed.
And you've been modeling for how long?
About a year and a half.
What photo shoots have you done?
I did 10 Men for an editorial, Metal Magazine and I was in Family Circle.
Polaroids by Nicole Vega.

What's been your favorite photo shoot so far?
My favorite was 10; it was in this really big, elaborate mansion right outside New York and it was millions of dollars – this house. It was just really cool and everyone was really nice, and there was a lot of models there. It was the first time I did a shoot with more than 2 models there, so it was a lot of fun.
Do you ever get treated differently because you're so much younger?
Um, not really. I mean before I was doing children's modeling so I was actually treated differently because I was older, but now that I have moved to New York Models I haven't really been treated differently at all.
Do you have a favorite model or photographer?
I met a really nice photographer when I did Metal, his name was Miguel Villalobos. He was a lot of fun to be around.
What is your dream modeling job?
I really want to do anything that'll get me to travel. I want to go to Europe, so really anything that'll get me there.
Is there any specific place in Europe you had in mind?
I want to go to Prague for some reason, but really anywhere will make me happy. I just like to travel and skip school (we laugh in agreement).
Do you have any special, hidden talents?
I'm an artist so I paint and I draw.
Awesome, what do you paint with?
I paint acrylic and watercolor. I'm trying everything, but I like acrylic probably the most or color pencils. So I'm planning on going to an art high school next year.
What kind of art do you do, is it surreal, photorealistic, etc?
Yeah, it's realistic. With watercolor I'll do landscapes. I don't really paint people, mostly animals, plants, and nature and stuff.
I can't paint or draw at all so good for you!
Yeah, mom's not very good either; she's always marveling over everything. I'm like "Eh, it's okay," and she's like, "That's amazing."
Did you get your talent from your dad?
Nope, I'm not sure. My great grandpa, everyone talks about him being a really great artist, but he's my great grandpa so not very direct.
What do you plan to with modeling, do you want it to be like a lifelong career?
I think that it would be really cool if it was, but I'm still not sure what I want to do because I think I could go either way. I could be an artist or I'm really big on animals so I could be a veterinarian or something.
What has been the worst part about modeling so far?
Probably the late notice. They'll tell you the day before that you have to go into the city so it's like ok I got a job, but now I have to cancel these plans, cancel this. It's still fun to go in, but the late notice is definitely difficult.
What is your favorite movie or book?
I like the book Divergent and The Hunger Games, they're some of my favorite books. And my movie is probably The Breakfast Club.
Do you have any siblings?
I do, I have two younger brothers. They're really annoying haha.
How would your brothers describe you?
I don't know. Probably outgoing, but also caring. I have animals at home so I always take care of them, so they'd probably call me caring, I'm not sure. It changes by the day depending on what I've done to them ha.
Oh, so you're that kind of older brother. How old are they?
Yeah. One is eight and the other is eleven.
What kind of music do you listen to?
I like Coldplay and a lot of different music. I don't really like pop or rap, I usually listen to Mumford and Sons, Arctic Monkeys. I like a variety of things, not really one specific genre.
How would you describe yourself in five words?
I'd say smart, artistic, athletic I guess, caring and fun to be around except that's not a word haha.
How have things changed for you since getting signed?
Everyone kind of talks to me differently at school, it's like, "Oh, he's a model," talking about it.
It must be good for the girls though, right?
Yeah ha, it's very good for the girls, but other than that it hasn't really altered my life very much. I'm the same, I still go to school sometimes ha, I still have the same friends, it hasn't made me more or less popular.
Do you have a favorite magazine?
Um, I like reading cooking magazines, to be honest with you. They're my favorite magazines.
So you cook?
I try to cook; I'm not very good and it doesn't taste very good, but it's fun for me. I like eating more than cooking.
Is your mom a really good cook?
Yeah, she's a really good cook. That's another fun part about coming to the city. I do modeling jobs, and after we'll have all these different foods because there's so much variety compared to where I live.
How would your mom describe you?
I get on her nerves sometimes ha. We fight a little bit, but we're close me and my mom. We have a lot of good bonding experiences when we come to the city. I love her. I'm not sure how she would describe me, probably the same as my brothers I guess.
Do you have any New Year's Resolutions?
I guess I want to try and get a campaign, that's my goal. But a resolution, I don't know. Be a better cook, go to school more; I'll try to make first honors this year.
What are some other facts about yourself?
I do crew, and I row. I also play basketball and lacrosse.
Where do you hope modeling takes you, not geographically but in the grand scheme of things?
I hope to meet some really cool people, you know, make some long-time friends with other models or photographers. And also maybe make some money for college.
What in your mind makes an ideal model?
You have to be pretty bubbly, and also know what to do in front of the camera. You have to be outgoing in front of people, be able to start a conversation. You don't want to be a boring person. It makes it more fun to be around you, if someone's going to be with you all day, multiple days doing the same thing because modeling is a lot of sitting around so far for me– you have to have a little fun while doing it.
So do you have any parting words for anyone reading this?
Try to go to school as much as you can haha, and overall modeling is a lot of fun, I recommend it.
Thanks for sitting down with us, Haegan, you are now officially the youngest model to ever be featured on Boys by Girls!
Words by Nicole Vega.
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