The Boys of Milan : AW15

28 January 2015

Fashion week is a unique connundrum. Periodically, boy upon boy floats from city to city, ready to don the latest keepsake fashions. No stanger to this, deep in the heart of Italy, every 6 months long legged, elfin eared boys flock to the city of Milan, their breath fresh with excitement and their toes itching to run the length of the catwalks.

Searching to capture the honesty of these boys as they touch down in Milan, photographer Marta Colli captures the boys of AW15 in this portrait focused feature. Capturing some of our favourite boys of the season including Ton Heukels (Elite Milan), Piero Mendez (I Love Milan Models) and Konan Hanbury (Why Not Models). As Marta encapsulates their personalities in short periods of time, the fleeting moments of adrenaline that channels during the buzz of fashion week remains framed as show after show runs on replay.

Pulling faces and grinning mischieviously for the camera, these boys are captured as full of life with a twist of endearing charm. Stylist Luca Termine pulls the strings of this fun loving aura with classic pieces by Paul Smith and vintage vibes from Levi's, empthasising a sense of casual-cool crossed with laid back simplicity.

Ton Heukels at Elite Milan wears Jacket by LEVIS.

Caoimhin at Fashion Models wears Jacket by COMEFORBREAKFAST.

Piero Mendez at I Love Milan Models wears Sweater by AMERICAN APPAREL.

Finnlay Davis at Elite Milan wears shirt by PAUL SMITH.

Franz N at Urban Models wears Shirt by Ports 1961.

Emil Andersson at Elite Milan wears T-shirt by COMEFORBREAKFAST.

Viktor at 2morrow Models wears Shirt by Iron Maiden.

Lasse at Boom Models wears Jacket by LEVIS.

Konan Hanbury at Why Not Milan.

PORTS 1961

Words by Sophie Mayanne.

Ton Heukels_Elite Milan
CAOIMIHIN_Fashion Milan
CAOIMIHIN_Fashion Milan
Piero_ILove Milan
Finnlay Davis_Elite Milan
Emil Andersson_Elite Milan
Lasse_Boom Milan
Konan Hanbury_Whynotmilan
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