Misha Patel For APCY

8 February 2013

Today we want to catch your eye with an exclusive cheeky peek at another of the printed editorials from our recent issue "A Place Called Youth, this time starring the mesmerising Misha Patel at Elite Models London. The feature by photographer Cecilie Harris was captured at Misha’s home and groomed by Elizabeth Rita.

Describing himself as quietly confident, Misha is truly a sweetheart, and we can’t help but agree with the statement. We love the feeling of calm Misha brings to his images, and how this creates a perfect piecefulness throughout this series, as he is captured in his home environment.

"What I was so drawn to with Misha for quite a while before shooting him, was his quietness and peaceful persona. Even when running into him in quite stressful environments previously, he always managed to have this magic calm about him, yet look so confident. This was something I wanted to explore more in this story titled "Silence". Misha has this wonderful little world, and it was such a pleasure to be able to be part of it for a day whilst working with him." (Cecilie)

Cecilie also managed to capture a hypnotising video of the lovely Misha during the ‘A Place Called Youth’ editorial shoot, which we posted a couple of weeks ago. If you haven’t seen it then make sure to check the boy out in this exclusive Boys by Girls mini-film here. If you haven’t had the chance to get hold of a copy of the new issue then check here to see stockists or here to order from our online shop.

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