Jackson Hale For Issue 9

10 November 2015
A room with clutter signifies a creative mind; a creative mind signifies a kind heart. For Issue 9, ‘Growing Sideways’, photographer and Editor-in-Chief Cecilie Harris joins Jackson Hale in creating this 14-page cover story - surrounded by beautiful art and the perfect amount of daylight. They discuss an array of Boys by Girls curious topics; from emotions to creative outlets. From the boy in the poster in the shop, see Jackson for who he really is - a beautiful, creative mind, with a kind and delicate soul.
Describing himself as obsessed, scared and coy, Jackson moves freely through his home, brushing his bouncy curls out of his eyes and looking up at his walls – plastered with cut-outs, postcards and photos, putting them there as if to signify the amount of inspiration he goes through in day-to-day life; his room like a mapped out thought. You can feel his need to spoon feed creativity into the world. He wants to show others what he sees. His purpose. His own work is alluring; using paint and mixed-media with purpose and meaning, almost like a modern day Rauschenberg.
“I think my problem is I have too many feels. I genuinely feel other people’s emotions too, which is not always a bad thing… I would rather feel a bit too much than not enough though.”
Calm and meaningful. Cecilie Harris captures Jackson in a way of knowing, as if they had been doing this for years. Her collections of photographs spell out small narratives in an intimate dream-like way. BG Fashion Editor, David Nolan, keeps the clothing stylishly simplistic, dressed down blazer jackets teamed with trainers and suit trousers – the perfect contradiction for this story, in a blend of high end designer brands. Wander through Jackson Hale’s family home and join Cecilie Harris in this beautiful sensory overload of collages, photographs and imagination.

Catch the full 14-page story with Jackson in Issue 9, including more impactful images, his own original artwork and his full interview - available in shops now or online now.

Model JACKSON HALE at SUPA Model Management

Words by Molly Rose Baker.

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BBG9Cover_Jackson Hale
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