EML: The Male Finalists

6 March 2019

We were very much in our element yesterday when we got to shoot all the five male finalists at Elite Model Look 2011 when they were rehearsing for the finale that takes place tonight! And we are very excited to present the finalists to you today:

Dan, Danny, Jamie, Joe and Matthew all woo'ed us with their good looks and charm yesterday. We are very pleased to share some beautiful images of all the boys today and a little bit about them as we got to know them yesterday, and will be publishing one post for each of the fab boys. We also have some rather yummy group images here for you to check out below.

One of our current Boys by Girls dudes, Rory Torrens, was on hand yesterday to share a few helpful posing tips for the boys. Great to catch up with one of our fab boys, and to have him share some of his expertise with the finalists.

We can't wait to see the finale tonight and for the winner to be announced. So much goodness! And we're also super excited to be shooting the winner this weekend in a special story that we will share with you next week. So keep an eye out.

In the meantime check our posts today and get to know the five finalists:


Good luck to all the boys tonight!

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