Closer to Simon Jennings

3 January 2012

Claimed to be "the reason she shoots boys" it was natural for Cecilie Harris to want Sim Jennings (or Simon in her world) at Amck in the second Boys by Girls book 'Closer'. For the last couple of years the pair has shot on a regular basis, producing a range of editorials for Client Magazine, Supplementaire Magazine and Carbon Copy. Simon was also part of the first book "Boys by Girls".

Capturing him at his home in London, she managed to get even closer to capturing his real beauty and who he really is. There was music, there was wine and there was peanut butter.

Extracts from Simon's story "Unfinished Symphony":

"Simon is everything you want him to be and everything you don't want him to be. He is like an
onion constantly revealing new layers. He's on a journey, and I have had the pleasure of being part of it for the last couple of years. Watching someone grow into their own can be magic. The search for that person you are and want to be. Allowing for the little detours in life that will make you become that person is both risky and courageous, and something Simon is good at. It makes him who he is, and he’s one of the most intriguing people I know.
" (Cecilie Harris)

"I have two turtles. But I don't like them. They’re quite cool but they bite. I did name them, but I forgot their names. We're very tight." (Sim Jennings)
A big thank you to Fantastics Mag for helping us preview Simon's story. Check out a couple of pages/images from 'Closer' with Simon below, and also a video with extracts from his interview! To get the book in print to have and to hold click here to order it.
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