Bo Develius

23 July 2012

We travelled far and beyond to shoot one of our favorite Swedish models talent, to capture him for our upcoming publication "A Place Called Youth".

Bo Develius (Nisch Management) is definitely one of the finest Sweden have to offer, and we were as much in awe when meeting him in person as we were when first seeing images of him in a new faces features last summer.

We're gonna be selfish. We will only share a tiny teaser of images here for now from our day with Bo. The rest is out in October time, when we release "A Place Called Youth", but we thought we'd be kind enough to let you get excited of what was to come. These images where shot as extra little goodies for you. How nice are we!?

We can tell you this much. Bo is a awesome as he looks and showed us cool places and fabulous Swedish customs. I know. Exciting.

Check out his Boys by Girls profile here.

Bo Develius_NS1
Bo Develius_NS2
Bo Develius_NS3
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