Yesterday’s Rain

16 January 2017

Words Joseph Shields
Model ASBJORN APPLEBY at Milk Management

A day spent wandering is not a day wasted. When the rain yields and the earth dries, losing ourselves in a purposeless pursuit of nothing at all might actually be all we need. We are so often occupied with chasing something, the next thing, the better thing, that sometimes we forget the joy of sweet nothing. Asbjorn Appleby at Milk Model Management refuses to fall into the abyss of modern life; instead he drifts through open spaces - lucid dreams within, as photographer Desirèe Cremona captures his intense gaze in moments of stillness.

Letting your mind drift as your feet do, each step taken without thought of the next. Allowing yourself to take time to stop, to plant yourself beneath a weathered tree, leaning against its bark, still engrained with the smell of yesterday’s rain. Relaxed tailoring and clean silhouettes reflect the simplicity of Scandinavian design, as stylist Amil Mcinstosh tells the story of the aloof boy. He takes a moment to chase nothing, and in turn will find something completely new.

Time spirals into a cloak of nothing, sometimes the most important moments rise from the mundane. Minutes that blur into hours can hold the greatest secrets of all, the gift of allowing your mind to explore its greatest depths. The cigarette in his hand gently burns towards his fingertips, as his thoughts get caught in the breeze. Becoming conscious of the breath, conscious of the cold earth he sits on, conscious of things he never knew. Because to wander is not to waste. To wander is to discover.

Desiree Cremona11

Above left: Vest by SUNSPEL, Coat by LANVIN, Trousers by MARGARET HOWELL
Above right: Jacket by NEIL BARRETT


Above right: Jacket by NEIL BARRETT, Parka by KENZO, Trousers by MARGARET HOWELL


Above left: Sweater by VALENTINO, Jacket by ADIDAS, Coat by BOTTEGA VENETA, Trousers by LANVIN


Above right: T-Shirt by SUNSPEL, Jacket by BURBERRY, Trousers by LANVIN, Shoes by JOHN LOBB


Above left: Jacket by BERLUTI, Trousers by AMI, Shoes by MARGARET HOWELL

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