The Weekend

17 July 2017

Photographer AMELIA ALLEN
Words Hedvig Werner
Model MAX TOWNSEND at Elite Model Management London

A day off. We all need one of those from time to time. In this black and white series, Max Townsend at Elite Model Management London, explores these blessed hours we all long for. Amelia Allen captures a carefree demeanour that is only ever observable in someone utterly contempt. Pointing her lens to a gentleman that seemingly has it all figured out, somehow.

So, how would you choose to spend your day off? How about hours conversing with an old friend about everything and nothing over a cup of coffee? All while soaking up some much needed sun following a dreadful period of rain. Rain. Rain. Rain. Although, if rain happens to be the case, lay in bed for hours upon end and just listen to the rain - vowing, as per usual, to never get up at 7:00am ever again. Enjoy the fact that you don’t have an endless set of alarms. 6:45am. 6:47am. 6:50am. 6:54am. 6:56am. 6:59am. 7:00am. Nothing of that sort, that’s ensured.

Read your favourite novel for the millionth time. Absorb some much-needed creative input. Cuddle up with a furry creature. Blast music so loud that your neighbours start complaining. Take a trip to the cinema alone, it’s refreshing. Or a date for that matter. If the budget is tight there’s always Netflix - faithfully keeping its promise to begin playing the next episode within 15 seconds. Every damn time. Stylist Harriet Nicolson lets Max unwind for the weekend in comfortable, yet classic pieces. A comforting sheepskin jacket or a gentleman’s coat makes the weekend feel as snug and loose as ever.

Time off, it should be perfect - you deserve nothing less.


Above: Jacket is Vintage, Jumper by ZARA, Jeans by J CREW and Shoes by SAMUEL WINDSOR


Above left: Same as above
Above right: Shirt by UNIQLO, Suit by TOPMAN and Coat by RIVER ISLAND


Above: Coat by ZARA, Top by DEREK-ROSE, Trousers by TOPMAN and Shoes by ADIDAS


Above left: Same as above
Above right: Jumper by EDWIN, Jeans by LEVI'S and Jacket by W E ALLEN


Above left: Shirt by ALL SAINTS, Jumper by COS and Trousers by UNIQLO
Above right: Same as above

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