The Pursuit of Adventure

17 November 2016

Presented by Fenn O'Meally
Camera and Editor Crispin Hutton
Production Cecilie Harris
Adventurers George Curnick and Harry Brooks at PRM Models

In a way, deciding what is an adventure in our lives isn't so much about planning for a completion, a final achievement or an accomplishment. Instead, it’s about understanding that we are constantly participating in a multitude of adventures, some intentional, others not. But in the end, all contribute to the greatest adventure of all - life. So here we are, 75 miles away from London on the 14th October 2016. Another day of life. Another segment of the adventure.

The air is colder, cleaner and somewhat more hostile than that of London’s. The kind of air that makes you fold your arms a little tighter around your chest and nestle your chin deep into your collar bone, keeping hold of any extra warmth. The daylight is subtle, a constant reminder that Winter is looming. And the company? Well, let’s just say in this adventure we all have a sense of belonging, united by the single passion to explore the concept of creativity.

Model boys Harry Brooks and George Curnick (PRM Models) are creatives; one a dancer, the other a musician - both have the unconditional desire to make something out of little. For this encounter that need took the form of film. Set on the Sussex Coastline, the two roamed free through the landscape captured by the camera of Crispin Hutton, and interviewed as well as directed by Fenn O’Meally.

Styled by Parajumpers, the change in climate is far from capable of impeding this carefree account, as we sheltered beneath comfortable down-padded lining and fur-trimmed hoods. "It's like wearing a lovely hug", George unexpectedly releases softly, as he takes in the view of the sea. Today, like all days, the adventure is all that matters.

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