The Good Guys

7 August 2017

Photographer KIM JOBSON
Grooming SARAH HUBBAUER using MAC Cosmetics and Anthony Skincare
Hair SHARON ROBINSON using Bumble and bumble
Fashion Assitant PHOEBE BRANNIC
Models JOE WEISBERG at AMCK Models, JOHN BARROW at MiLK Model Management and HENRY at Wilhelmina Models
Words Joseph Shields

When boyhood draws to a close, we’re thrown into life at full speed. There’s a path to find, somewhere in the haze that we call our future, and there’s a lot of pressure to find it. Decisions are thrust upon us, and there are so many opportunities that it can be hard to see the ones that could be magical; that could be just right. It’s tough. It’s confusing. And it’s fucking scary. It’s important to realise that not all decisions need to be made right now, that we will be a different person next week and we don’t need to define who we are at this moment, or ever. But, maybe most importantly, we need good people around us; people that will hold us up and keep us together through this strange, indefinite time.

In this editorial series, Kim Jobson welcomes Joe (AMCK), John (Milk) and Henry (Wilhelmina) in front of her camera. She captures the boys’ individuality through these portraits, but despite them never standing in shot together, the series evokes a sense of mutual support and strength, just in the knowing that they’re all there. They’re a diverse trio, each boy different to the next - but perhaps that’s what works so well.

Sarah-Maria Booth pushes the diversity into the styling with an eclectic wardrobe. John sits in an almost spiritual, scarlet Marcelo Burton two-piece as his piercing blue eyes stare to the distance. Joe sits in a suit-hoodie combo that evokes street style and enginuity. And Henry oozes autumn in the countryside in a wood-cutter-esque Wrangler two-piece. The styles are unpredictable, yet it feels comfortable. I guess that’s what leaving boyhood is all about. Taking life’s twists and turns, while feeling comfortable knowing there are people by your side, no matter where you end up.

Kim Jobson Layout1

Above left: John wears Jacket by SENSE OF DANGER and Jumper by ICEBERG
Above right: Henry wears Tracksuit by DIESEL and Jacket by SENSE OF DANGER

Kim Jobson Layout2

Above left: Henry wears Top by FILIPPA K, Jumper by MAISON KITSUNE, Trousers by QASIMI and Shoes by PALLADIUM
Above right: Joe wears Jumper by ICEBERG and Jeans by LES ANIMAUX

Kim Jobson Layout3

Above left: John wears Jumper and Trousers by MARCELO BURLON
Above right: John wears Shirt by OLIVER SPENCER and Jumper by BLOOD BROTHER

Kim Jobson Layout4

Above left: John wears Suit and Top by YMC and Shoes by GIUSEPPE ZANOTTI
Above right: Same as above

Kim Jobson Layout5

Above left: John wears Suit and Top by YMC and Shoes by GIUSEPPE ZANOTTI
Above right: Same as above

Kim Jobson Layout6

Above left: Joe wears Suit by PALM ANGELS and Polo Shirt by BEN SHERMAN
Above right: Same as above

Kim Jobson Layout7

Above left: Same as above
Above right: Joe wears Suit and Shoes by OLIVER SPENCER and Hoodie by TOURNE DE TRANSMISSION

Kim Jobson Layout8

Above left: Henry wears Jacket by WRANGLER and Rollneck by BERTHOLD
Above right: Henry wears Top by LES ANIMAUX, Shirt by MAISON KITSUNE, Trousers by QASIMI and Shoes by YMC

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