The Dreamer

21 April 2017

Words Ellen Coyle
Model JOSHUA PEACH at Marilyn Paris

A dream endures for no longer than seven minutes, but they exist far more prolonged in the eyes of others; especially those with a dreamers soul. They are more distinctive than the average person, often wayfaring off course to their intended destination that just happens to be the middle of nowhere. Joshua Peach at Marilyn Paris is a dreamer’s soul personified. In an endless state of wanderlust, the dreamer finds solace in the lost corners of the world, whether internal or external. Reality or reverie.

For a few silent moments, embrace Joshua’s gentle dreamer spirit. His eyes welcoming the dreams you’ve forgotten. Often hidden corners of the largest cities or in small houses concealed behind translucent curtains, he finds pleasure in being lost in a cloud of smoke. Gently captured by Julia Romanovskaya with a soft balance between exposure and enigma, the dreamer is captured. Eternally frozen in image, but showing only what he wants to submit. He doesn’t perform for the camera.

Styled by Serdane Messamet with subdued colouring and marginally oversized tailoring, bringing you back to Montmartre, dungarees and fedoras - reminiscent of the bohemian painters and singers on the streets. The creators of notions that go unnoticed by those unbeknownst to them. The dreamers. Perhaps we all have a dreamer’s soul? Eventually, your mind drifts back and the dreamer drifts. After all; ‘Not all those who wander are lost.’


Above left: Hat and Jumper HARMONY, Overall by RIUJEE, Shoes by CONVERSE
Above right: Jacket and Trousers by MCS, Top by CERRUTI, Shoes by SALSA


Above left: Shirt by HENRY COTTON
Above right: Jumper by HARMONY


Above left: Top by HARMONY


Above left: Top by HARMONY, Coat and Trousers by CERRUTI
Above right: Coat by STUDIO PIERRE


Above left: Jacket by MAISON KITSUNÉ, Top by CERRUTI, Trousers by HARMONY
Above right:Top by MARINA YATCHING


Above left: Top, Coat and Trousers same as above, Socks STYLIST'S OWN
Above right: Top by CERRUTI


Above left: Top by CERRUTI

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