Sweater Weather

21 December 2016

Photographer Ludovica Arcero
Grooming Clara Spadoni
Words Joseph Shields
Fashion Flavio Marcelli and Giorgia Bove at Gegenpole
Model Lorenzo Sutto at Elite Models

You gently open your eyes on a Sunday morning. The wind howls outside your bedroom window, rustling the trees as their waving shadows adorn the walls. Your window is frosted, your blanket is warm, but the lure of a morning coffee pulls you from this cocoon.

After a cup of java, this chilly day is yours for the taking. You pull your favourite winter coat from the hook and step outside. Your boots are splashed by the puddled floor as you trample the pavement; their water stains telling the adventure of today. The bitter air of this gentle storm blows the cobwebs from your mind. This.... this is sweater weather.

Master of the musing stare, Lorenzo Sutto (Elite Models), pulls wintry layers onto a slender frame for photographer Ludovica Arcero. As his glance flicks to and from the camera, Lorenzo expresses a state of meditative apathy. Ludovica perfectly evokes an hibernal essence, placing garments reminiscent of fallen leaves against a muddy, weathered backdrop. Jumpers from Kenzo, Phillip Lim and Bally warm the lens, falling over Lorenzo’s shoulders like blankets. The torn pullover, a personal touch from stylists Gegenpole (Flavio Marcelli and Giorgia Bove), perfectly completes this series of warmth and carefree ecstasy.


Above left: Jumper by KENZO, Ring model’s own
Above right: Trousers by 3.1 PHILLIP LIM


Above left: Shirt by EQUIPMENT, Jumper stylist’s own, Trousers by KENZO
Above right: Turtleneck by BALLY


Above left: Jumper as before, face Jewels by GIVENCHY


Above right: Jumper by 3.1 PHILLIP LIM , Trousers by MSGM

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