Simply Scandinavia

24 July 2017

Photographer YOUNA BAUPOUX
Hair JØRGEN BECH at Bel Etage Oslo using Bumble and bumble
Words Brogan Anderson
Model NICLAS NILSSON at Heartbreak Management

No matter your age, no matter how your style has developed or matured, there will always be the youthful nature at the very core of your being that will thrive and come out to play - every once in a while. Amidst the Norwegian cloud hugging trees and fragrant grass, Youna Baupoux captures Niclas Nilsson at Heartbreak Management at his most serene. Inhibitions lost, swinging from the branches that hang precariously low; today this is his playground. Oh, the beauty of Scandinavia and the serenity nature offers amongst the clean lined clothes worn and houses lived in. Simplicity verses wildness - perfectly engraved in all who live within it.

Fashioned by Linn Øymo in sombre suits and Nordic minimalistic lines, Niclas’ juvenescence pierces through - forever in a state of being young, as his bare feet traverse the familiar garden of his mother. Things here are exciting, a moment holding the unaccountable opportunities that used to belong to you before the fear of adulthood gripped you and took with it our unwavering invincibility and determination. Translating into brand new, unfathomable traits that thrive off of success, and not life’s simplicities - such as time spent in your childhood garden climbing fascinating new crevices with the sun amicably caressing the left side of your face.

A boy of leisure, dawdling through the days on a whim, the mundane every day - only this is needed to keep him satisfied. Decked out in the finest suits, the joyous and overwhelming desire to bound and leap mercilessly is overcoming. Wide-eyed, absorbing the world’s wonders that behold him. He spends just a little while here – up until the moment he must bid farewell. Although, he will never be gone for long - his mother’s garden will possibly always be his preferred whereabouts.


Above left: Trousers and Turtleneck by WEEKDAY
Above right: Seude Shirt by ARCT at F5 CONCEPT STORE and Trousers by WEEKDAY


Above left: Denim Jacket Shirt by GRAA at F5 CONCEPT STORE STORE and Turtleneck by WEEKDAY
Above right: Striped Suit by ARCT at F5 CONCEPT STORE


Above left: Same as before
Above right: Striped Shirt by GRAA at F5 CONCEPT STORE


Above left: Turtleneck by WEEKDAY
Above right: Same as before


Above left: Jacket by WEEKDAY and Trousers by ARCT at F5 CONCEPT STORE
Above right: Same as before

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