Silent Bedroom

7 April 2017

Photographer Viridiana Morandini
Words Abigail Winterford
Model Hao

On what it felt like the coldest week in London this winter, icy light bled through windows of a home that is not his. The streaks of light hit perfectly on the young skin of the shy embodied boy, Hao Liu at Supa Model Management. A tranquil atmosphere surrounds him, creating connection between subject and photographer. Handed an intense longing gaze that you never want to break, because if broken, everything natural is lost. Embracing a pillow and engulfing himself in the dense duvet like a child, he protects himself from a world that can be unappologetic to those most vulnerable.
Together with photographer Viridiana Morandini, their talents compile a series of images of piercingly raw nature. Like grabbing your soul with its fingertips and being hesitant to give it back. Viridiana captures Hao perfectly, securing his fun and playful attitude within the lens of her camera - bringing you closer to the real Hao, in which he so reluctantly portrays.
This is a series where the dropping of a pin would be deafening. The silence that fills the spaces within the room is so elegantly played with and tossed around between the two bodies. Leave behind those awkward moments and unbearable noiselessness points of time, take advantage and revel in the stillness that crosses your path.
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