Runaway Blues

30 January 2017

Photographer LETIZIA GUEL
Model ADRIAN BIRTA at Blow Models
Words Rosie Williams

Early morning in Barcelona and the clouds don't seem very friendly. What meets the eye is an unwelcoming pitter-patter. The clouds weep freely amongst the wash of grey skies, a harmonic tune of the mornings drizzle. Soft smogs grow towards us, darkening and deepening in their palette. A harnessing of nordic colours. The widowers sky erupting.

First impressions of the unwelcoming skies' gently flee. Tar-black skies retire and new romantic scenes expose themselves. Amongst the grasslands of outer Barcelona, photographer Letizia Guel captures 20 year old Adrian Birta. An acquisition of charming exhibitions; overflowing with tones of the deep blue, forestry greens and woodland rusts. Playing with wooden sticks, running through the crops, evoking times of childhood; the innocence of boyhood and the now savoured moments of freedom. Opportunities to experiment and wear dads old clothing. A runaway from adulthood, even just for this minute.

Boyhood relived. Further artistic movements of limbs create distinct contemporary shapes from Letizia’s subject. The nights light beautifully purple; the world seems seductively static, still for a second. Continuing themes of the idealistic, a creation of interesting shapes from the placement of floppy hats and bat winged sleeves materialised from wardrobe. Styling by Juan Camilo Rodríguez is an experimentation of texture; selecting and infusing soft feminine furs with structured knits. Bucket hats and berets; a complementary artistic twist. Selecting and mixing pieces from J.Crew, Guillem Rodriguez and Von Schwarz with vintage items. Rodríguez celestially marries Barcelona’s unpredictably dramatic skies of moody hues to such selected garments.

We say goodbye to childhood's dreams we relived, leaving the wildness of the grasslands colds. Running away once more.


Above left: Jumper by J.CREW, Beret and Scarf stylist's own
Above right: Hat by PEDRO COVELO, Vintage Cardigan and Trousers by COS


Above left: Beret and Scarf stylist's own, Jumper by J.CREW and Trousers by GUILLEM RODRIGUEZ
Above right: Trousers by GIORGIO ARMANI and belt by AMERICAN APPAREL


Above left: Fur Hat by TORRAS, Fur Belt by GUILLEM RODRIGUEZ, Scarf by VICTOR VON SCHWARZ, Trousers by COS and Striped top stylist's own
Above right: Hat by PEDRO COVELO and Turtleneck by WEEKDAY


Above right: Lurex Polo by PRADA and Trousers by MCQ

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