Reckless Daydreamer

13 January 2017

Laura Kaczmarek photographs Tim Gienke, capturing the secretive mood of the modern day boy.

There’s peace in being alone. The opportunity to encounter time to yourself is a blissful one. Relieved of pressures from everything that surrounds you, able to take in the oceans of freedom - the rare occurence of serenity. Blindly wandering unfamiliar streets, taking in everything surrounding you, getting lost in your thoughts. Recklessly daydreaming, or not, closing your eyes to take yourself away from the mundane everyday. The privilege not to tell anyone where you’re going. Nobody knows what he’s thinking, untroubled in his own daydreams. Learning to breathe again.

Back with a new exclusive photo series, Laura Kaczmarek captures the secretive mood of the modern day boy exploring the world of unsigned Tim Gienke. The doleful atmosphere encapsulates the very essence of youth culture while delivering the sense of isolation and independence of the young man today. Tim is that cool skater boy in high top converse and plaid check shirt, glued to the lens to share his life lessons with each of us, as we take in these moments made permanent.

Cigarette in his hand, with a 'devil may care' attitude and a boyish playful grin amongst his sombre persona, these droplets of wisdom comes from a place of unification of the young. The preciousness of indulging in treasured moments alone and recklessly winding up somewhere new - a place where you can escape. Each day painted in a different colour. When there’s nowhere to go, and nowhere to be.

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