Predictably Adolescent

24 April 2017

Photographer NOCERA & FERRI
Words Ellen Coyle
Model FELIX WILDING at Wilhelmina Models

Quite often we’re told that teenage years are the best of our life and that adolescence is a gift. Unfortunately, most often, the realisation of this comes when you’re no longer in it. Youth is not cherished as it should be. Most have an aversion to aging, but the adolescent invariably begs to be that one year older. Each year an underlying hope that the teenage years will pass sneaks into the doors of the mind, as the adolescent begs to be twenty one as soon as possible. Felix Wilding at Wilhelmina Models has the face of an adolescent.

Emerging into each changing colour of youth, Felix becomes each mood presented and captured by photographer Lara Ferri. A haze of concrete on a backstreet parking lot and he is the adolescent exposed to the dreariness of boyhood. Grey is a lingering example of the adolescent’s cosmos from which Felix escapes, emerging into the electric blue world of man. Change emerging, and severed from youth he is charismatic, daring and detached in the only way a man can be and a boy cannot. As boys play with the assumptions of what manhood is like, these are unsolved riddles in the mind of the boy, till they realise most are not true.

Alongside quickened emotions, Nathan Henry provides colourful styling. Block colours and modern day grunge are woven in to add a relatable account of what it’s like to be a teenager of today with baggy trousers by MCQ and shirts upon shirts by Matthew Miller. Something for the adolescent to safely hide behind - in perfect style. Putting his youth on the line for us to see, Felix brings you back to that moment when you were also there. For all those still embracing the golden years, before you're forced to simply play them on repeat, remember that these years indisputably are the best of your life.


Above left: Hooded to by LOU DALTON, Jacket by PRETTY GREEN, Glasses and Scarf by BEYOND RETRO
Above right: Shirt by SANDRO, Trousers by BERTHOLD, Shoes by GRENSON X TIM LITTLE, Headscarf by BEYOND RETRO


Above left: Blazer by MATTHEW MILLER, Shirt by APC
Above right: Jumpsuit by MCQ, Vest by DANIEL W FLETCHER, Belt by BEYOND RETRO


Above left: Roll Neck by BERTHOLD, Top by PHOEBE ENGLISH, Trousers by MCQ, Shoes by VANS, Bandana by BEYOND RETRO
Above right: Lace Top by MCQ, T-Shirt by NICOPANDA, Trousers by WOOYOUNGMI, Shirt by MATTHEW MILLER


Above right: Zip Knit by SAMSOE SAMSOE, Blazer by LOU DALTON, Coat by MATTHEW MILLER, Trousers by SCOTCH AND SODA, Shoes by GRENSON X TIM LITTLE


Above left: Jacket and Zip Knit by AMI, Shorts by LIAM HODGES


Above left: Jumper by BALLY
Above right: Under Jacket by MONCLER, Over Jacket by APC, Trousers by AGI&SAM


Above Left: Top by YOU MUST CREATE, Jacket by SAMSOE SAMSOE, Trousers by FILIPPA K, Shoes by DR MARTENS, Scarf by BEYOND RETRO
Above Right: Jacket by TOPMAN, Jumper by PRINGLE, Trousers by SANDRO


Above left: Jacket by BALLY, Glasses by BEYOND RETRO
Above right: Jacket by AGI&SAM, Trousers by PHOEBE ENGLISH, Glasses by ALFA ROMEO

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