Once in a Blue Moon

3 July 2017

Art Direction VIET TRAN
Hair KIM RANCE using L'Oréal Professionnel
Make up ISOBEL KENNEDY using the Organic Pharmacy
Words Hedvig Werner
Model RICARDO DINES at Premier Model Management

A blue moon - a rare phenomenon that occurs once every 2.7 years. Isolated in its own solitude - waiting to light up the night sky. A lone wolf of sorts, but too occupied with the mission to wallow in the utter solitude it is encapsulated by every day to take notice – emphasizing a melancholic existence, but romantic dedication. Ricardo Dines at Premier Model Management photographed by Georgia Devey Smith exudes preparedness similar to that of an awaiting blue moon. Rare. Raw. Radiant.

Stylist Roberta Hollis creates the look of a young apprentice moon ready to take on a life task. A moon that follows no instructions, allowing itself to set its own time frame. Every plain full moon must adjust accordingly. Soft palettes mixed with earth tones provide a naturalistic perspective; simple yet put together looks focused on clean lines and textures. Navy blues emulate the final stage of the learning curve – preparing for life ahead.

It’s soon a new blue moon - any moment now. We don’t know when to expect it, as there is only an estimate. It's a bit restless, anxious almost. Will it be able to shine as bright as those blue moons that came before it? It is certainly ready - having practiced every angle, just so it can deliver pure brightness during the darkest of nights. It must be enough now. In an instant, a new blue moon will command its place on the night sky and deliver a light that can only be observed every 2.7 years. Perhaps Ricardo is it, but we can't be certain. All we know for sure - he's got the blues.

Georgia Devey Smith1

Above: Jumper by COS

Georgia Devey Smith2

Above left: Top by SUNSPEL, trousers by MM6 and belt by COS
Above right: Jumper by ZADIG & VOLTAIRE and trousers by MM6

Georgia Devey Smith3
Georgia Devey Smith4

Above: Jumper by COS, trousers by WEEKDAY, shoes by DR. MARTENS and socks by MUJI

Georgia Devey Smith5

Above left: Jacket by YMC
Above right: Jumper by SUNSPEL and trousers by MM6

Georgia Devey Smith6

Above: Jumper and trousers by COS

Georgia Devey Smith7

Above left: Jacket by QASIMI and top by COS
Above right: Same as above

Georgia Devey Smith8
Georgia Devey Smith9

Above left: Jumper by THEORY
Above right: Jumper by COS and trousers by DANIEL W. FLETCHER

Georgia Devey Smith10
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