Life Is Too Short To Be Sad

3 February 2017
Where is he? Simon Karlsson, physically in front of you, yet somewhere else in his mind - almost visible in his misty eyes. At one with his surroundings, walking along silent strangers in unfamiliar places. A happy isolation in a world of serenity within his mind, Simon finds peace within these bustling cities, the ones which some days feels disconnected. The sun's fingers wrap themselves over every piece of exposed skin, nurturing a familiar warmth inside. Soft breezes prickle the hairs on the back of his neck, goosebumps running down his spine in familiar patterns. This feels like home.
Be it the harsh city of Gothenburg or the velvety beaches of Barcelona he finds solace, he finds home. A reckless traveller, at home in the whole outdoors, knows life is too short to be sad. Photographer Letizia Guel finds him in his serenity; calm, collected and in his comfortable isolation. Every new place a humble escape, safe havens in unexplored corners where he can find his solace. True Scandinavian blood lines run throughout his entire being, translating his very nature into his surroundings. The peace, the emptiness, wrongly mistaken for loneliness - he is content, revelling in the simplicity.
Emotions removed, leaving a blissful emptiness, filling him with something indescribable instead. Clarity, independence and intimate time to be with himself. Frequently visiting the oceans, feeling the waves cuddle his toes and letting the sand embrace his feet, as he sinks deeper into the tranquil sounds of the tide. There isn’t anywhere he particularly needs to go and there isn’t anywhere he hasn’t been. In his mind, he is the most seasoned explorer.
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