LFWM: Lou Dalton AW17

8 January 2017

Words Jonny Clowes
Photographer Caoimhe Hahn

The lift raced to the top floor and we were transported towards the ever-increasing genius of Lou Dalton within the clouds that sat upon London. As the doors opened, the space was filled with the gentle beats of Sébastien Tellier’s ‘La Ritournelle’ and we turned the corner to a projection across a blank wall. The video, directed by Josh Hight, showed Russel Tovey alone in the very room that we were standing in, slo-mo tearing off the clothes we were about to see as we rounded the next corner.

The presentation was a flight, flowing from one space to another; the collection was just as continuous. The youthful models wore a uniform of white trainers, individualised by pieces that gradually evolved as we gazed down the line-up. Slouching against the wall and lounging on blocks, the models relaxed in the ease of AW17 – delicately bobbly jumpers draped across the super chill boys, dyed denim and chambray was paired with splashes of playful colour. Loose fits and comfy knits; an antidote to Russel’s anguish. The pale, clean atmosphere of the penthouse emphasised the models’ white trousers, while fleece (a theme that we have seen crop up often during the weekend) reflected the cloudy atmosphere on both sides of the windows.

Breathing in the haven of relaxation amid the frantic (but thrilling) chaos of Fashion Week, it was hard to wave goodbye to Lou’s sanctuary as we found ourselves back at the lift – the button facing back down to the madness of reality. My new New Year’s Resolution: to be as content and calm as this at the end of 2017.

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