LFWM: E.Tautz AW17

8 January 2017

Words Matthew Regan
Photographer Caoimhe Hahn

When it comes to design, no route is off limits for inspiration. Yet, when we heard that E.Tautz made an unlikely companion in the scarecrow, we just couldn’t wait to find out how it would transpire. According to the designer, the birds just “don’t care much about the normal rules of style”. The idea arose from the work of Peter Mitchell, who spent over forty years capturing the scarecrows in the countryside surrounding his native Leeds. The lights rose in intense vibrancy, almost eye-waveringly bright; waking us up into a new dawn of British style.
Traditional tailoring was tousled with movement; their geometric lines taking new shapes and meaning. There was a beautiful touch of naivety to each look, as exceptional craft had an injection of nonchalance. Wind swept pleats moved dynamically with each step, allowing the boys to move at ease. Whimsical shades of olive green, mustard and navy flowed harmoniously with the theme of elegance without fuss. Modernity filtered in through textures of boiled wool, tweed, dogtooth - and an exceptional pair of velvet trousers.
Practicality and comfort flowed into a wardrobe well-equipped for climbing over icy Moors and roaming Autumnal landscapes. Rather than polished, each look had a certain taste for the unfinished. Heavy denim jeans were amplified into exaggerated workwear, collars were undone and buttons were replaced with pop-closures. At times, jackets were cut subtly big and fell off the shoulders in tumultuous silhouettes. Small details diluted the tailoring with a touch of youthful innocence, note the wide-brimmed peachy glasses and floppy hair - that’s a look we can get behind.
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