Lavender Bloom

14 August 2017

Photographer ELSA SOLÄNG
Model SEBASTIAN ÅHMAN at Nisch Management
Words Hedvig Werner

Lilacs peek through in the midst of mundane Swedish life when the lavender blooms - miniature flowers announcing their entrance. The scent of a lavender flower gifts healing properties to its bearer - often known for its delicate nature and purifying spirit. A name deriving from the Latin phrase ‘lavare’ meaning to wash - a lavender flower acts as a cleansing spiritual agent. Sebastian Åhman at Nisch Management seems to be experiencing the flower’s immediate effect as he stretches out his slender torso across the kitchen table while spilling out his hidden truths to photographer Elsa Soläng.

He is pensive. Inquisitive. Sensitive. A faint grain of melancholia spreads across his delicate face. Revelations flood to the surface, as the tide withdraws. Changing tides - the currents are consistently changing direction revealing obscure patterns. Will he manage to stay in the present? It’s so easy to drift off into the pending future or the agonizing past when there are so many fleeting questions to our mere existence. His sincere vision connects with Elsa's as she points her lens at him. She has got him captured and she won’t let go, but he is willing now.

‘Who am I?’ he might ask. A reply or a hint of guidance can never be of guarantee - we are forced to seek our own truth in the end. Stylist Sara Möller allows Sebastian’s wandering mind to do all the talking, as she decorates him in congenial tones. Earthly shades embrace insecurities and strengths while disclosing his bare skin. Clean lines and minimalistic cuts bring forth the Scandinavian within, while white palettes act as fortifiers to pedastal his thoughts to centre stage. The truth is out when the lavender blooms.


Above: Trousers by WEEKDAY


Above: T-shirt by A DAY'S MARCH and Trousers by WEEKDAY


Above: Jumper by DIESEL


Above left: Shirt by OUR LEGACY and Jeans by A DAY'S MARCH
Above right: Jacket by ACNE STUDIOS, Trousers by OUR LEGACY and Shoes by ACNE STUDIOS


Above: Jacket by L'HOMME ROUGE and T-shirt and Trousers by ACNE STUDIOS


Above right: Jacket by ACNE STUDIOS


Above left: Top by OUR LEGACY and Trousers by FILIPPA K
Above right: Same as above

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