Ingmar for Issue 11

4 November 2016

Photographer Cecilie Harris
Fashion David Nolan
Grooming Mike O'Gorman
Words Jonny Clowes
Model Ingmar van der Meulen at IMG Models

In all of our hectic, complicated and diverse lives, everyone often yearns to return to the back-to-basics simplicity of childhood. Our Autumn/Winter Issue 11 encapsulates a Dutch word – ‘gezellig ‘– that is difficult to translate, but evokes that simple happiness we crave. It is a homely spirit; it’s something poignant between honesty and satisfaction, a combination of comfortable and cosy. Basically, everything you need as the clocks change and the light begins to fade and you start to search for your ideal snuggling companion for the long winter evenings. So who better to front this issue than a down-to-earth Dutch model; introducing islander Ingmar.

Ingmar van der Meulen at IMG Models (who graces the fashion cover) brings a striking androgyny to the pages in a hedonistic yet humble editorial beautifully shot by Editor-in-Chief Cecilie Harris. David Nolan’s styling subtly harks back to the Glam Rock days and emphasises Ingmar’s rockstar edge that is softened by his gentle personal memories. In his honest and nostalgic interview, he recalls his particular experiences growing up on a remote Dutch island paradise with a population of 2,000 – “you don’t have much choice for friends. You have to create your own fun, because it isn’t always there. As a kid, I went out with friends to the forest or the beach, building dens, swimming and climbing trees - not too much, but the simple stuff is still fun”.

At first introverted, Ingmar spilled the contents of his book onto the pages of our magazine, reminding us why we delve into the minds of our models, who are more than just the pretty faces that you see in other publications. There is something special about visiting somewhere undiscovered; something ethereal about a place where you have to engage with the sea before you deserve the land.

For those of you who enjoyed this preview, you can ravel in the full cover story with Ingmar inside Issue 11 'Imagined Songs', which is available online and in stores now.

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