Dusty Reflections

30 December 2016

Photographer Shaira Luna
Words Vilija Kasiginaite
Fashion Safiya Yekwai
Model Sam Russell at AMCK Models

Holding onto the early rises, he embraces the ghostly shadows beside him. The clock melts into a blackness, leaving behind only the remnants of questioning. Sam is at that pivotal age, sitting strong on the cusp of manhood and swaying with the tide. Your vision can become hazy, slightly out of focus upon this unexpected route. Puddling into his book, the tranquility of pausing the pressures is within those faded letters and curling corners; inhaling that old dusty scent of wisdom. Fading between sleepy eyes, those pages browned with age rustle through his mind and fingertips as he glides across every word in breathless rapture.

Photographer Shaira Luna captures Sam Russell at AMCK Models in a blur of mellow shades and reflective silhouettes. If you stop for a moment, you find that everything is more intense than it used to seem. Sam rests amongst the intoxicating aromas of knowledge, those vigorous puffs of air that hit your skin when closing a book. It’s in his hypnotising trance, his expression that urges you to wander beyond the image presented. In an almost subliminal connection between the lens and model, that gaze of silent empathy radiates out. Follow the light that casts through, as it shifts in form, causing your surroundings to merge into a blur in unison.
Taking a shift of modernity from the 1960s boy, stylist Safiya Yekwai plays with mod-style roll necks. Nostalgic blends of burnt oranges and navy blues look back to this era of youthful change, while workwear inspired fits and industrial zips define a clean silhouette. Like the poetic heroes’ of a Jean-Luc Godard film, Sam is part of that urge for discovery. It’s the act of fully absorbing the world around you and building foundations on the soil of the past. As your mind wakes up, your body is draped into stillness.

Above: Jumper by QASIMI, Trousers by CMMN SWDN

Above right: Turtleneck by CMMN SWDN, Top by BEN SHERMAN, Jacket and Jeans by LEVI’S

Above: T-shirt by CMMN SWDN, Trousers by JOHN LAWRENCE SULLIVAN , Shoes by GOLA

Above left: Shoes by CMMN SWDN, all other items as before

Above left: Striped Turtleneck, Suede Trousers and Boots by CMMN SWDN, Jumper by UNIQLO, Gilet by CHRISTOPHER SHANNON

Above right: Shirt by BEN SHERMAN, Jacket and Trousers by JOHN LAWRENCE SULLIVAN

Above right: Turtleneck and Jacket by CHRISTOPHER SHANNON, Trousers by JOHN LAWRENCE SULLIVAN

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