Blood Ties

5 January 2017

Photographer Victoria Campa
Words Matthew Regan
Model Lucas Campa

Inherited clothes are thrown overhead like baggy emblems of adulthood. Idle daydreams of the possibilities; that first glimpse of fuzz on your top lip, or finding your first love. Dazzling overhead are two moons diverged of the present and the past, they meet in a tantalising eclipse of time. Impatient humming filters through the air as you long for the future to arrive, right now. Playing the script of adult and child, and marvelling in the deserted alleyways of fate. As we grow every day: what are we letting go of, what are we becoming? What the boy is yet to discover is that no-one really knows where the horizon starts and the other begins. Somewhere between the mirage of both are the secrets of life itself.

In this series, Victoria Campa channels her constant fight against fading memories. Capturing her younger brother Lucas, she pauses the record on that magical moment of adolescence. Both siblings communicate in this private language of exploration, working together to reach a plane of honest emotion; “we are in sync, sharing the same references and mindset, understanding each other possibly more than we each understand ourselves. I see him as few others do, and because of this my camera can capture the different facets that make him whole.”

Essentially, it’s all about those little fragments of memory that make you whole. That first wobbly tooth, or the anticipation for your first day at school - we are simply made up of beginnings. As you cast away your innocence, you begin to grip tight to the shrapnels’ of a simpler age. Why is it that those fleeting moments that seem so ordinary can become vaulted in your mind forever? Growing up side-by-side, the invisible cord connecting the siblings is cemented by Victoria’s essential need to document time. By collecting those minutes between mediocracy and adventure, you can avoid the abyss of forgetting.

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