An Ode to the Sea

24 February 2017

Photographer Monica Figueras
Words Brogan Anderson
Model Arnau Coll

Arnau Coll is photographed by Barcelona based photographer Monica Figueras in this exclusive series for Boys by Girls.

Is there a way to describe the aching love we hold for things that cannot reciprocate? Nurturing a relationship with something so welcoming and homely, treating it as a confident, an escape - knowing that it holds the hearts of so many and you are just another drifting soul in its presence. Arnau Coll at Blow Models embraces the vivid presence of the open sea, relaying photographer Monica Figueras’ poetic goodbye with her home by the ocean. A companionship nourished over lazy summers on it’s docks, idly meandering across the maze-like decks, reminiscing the night you visited and shared your own salty tears with the sea.

Arnau gazes intently at the passing fisherman boats, engrossed by the bubbling stream that tails behind like a fish out of water. Nets strewn across the open water, distant echoes of hearty laughs of the men further ashore, returning from their day at sea, safely delivered back from her silently dangerous grasp. The sun caresses his chest, bare under oversized overalls, clinging to him begging him not to leave.
Taking with him the sweet memorabilia collected over his illogical affair, worshiping the bond created, unfathomable to anybody but himself. Respecting the devastating beauty and power it has. She will always welcome him back, listen intently and bring him peace. The visits are brief and intimate, no one asks questions, she will always have time for you. Travelling to unfamiliar places - but knowing that here, at the shore, you will always find a friend.

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