A Love Story for Issue 12

8 May 2017
How many stories have you come across that neglect the notion of love? Few tales exist that don’t nurture the theme of love in some form or another. It is at the core of our existance. A fiery delight within you warms every fibre of your being when you see that person. That one person, who the mere thought of being around, tickles a smile upon your lips. The person who’s energy radiates through your body and you mirror them, reflect their mannerisms, their quirks, their voice.

New York based photographer Danielle Levitt captures an abundance of different types of love and relationships to coincide with Issue 12’s theme ‘Young Hearts’. Stylist Julie Brooke Williams dresses the twelve couples captured across the Spring Summer issue pages, as colourful as the love displayed. You can love from a distance, you can love within and beyond your gender, you can love across ethnicities and age. You love your family, your friends, yourself. Love is everywhere. It is what we live for, no matter who we are.

Even the youngest hearts, estranged with miles between them find themselves inextricably linked and coupled, drawn together with a desirable bond that only they understand. Love knows no boundaries and Danielle celebrates that in the most pure and expressively raw way. Affectionate and delicate moments captured, frozen forever into these pages.

Take in the full editorial, beyond the brief teasers below, of the heartfelt images by Danielle in our brand new Spring Summer issue ‘Young Hearts', which is available to buy online and in stores now.
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