Why Robbie Is So Spleen

27 January 2015

A timeless look accompanied with an unusual frown and an obsession with the moon. Robbie McKinnon (SUPA Model Management) carries off boyish charm with ease, captured by photographer Cecilie Harris for our recent issue "Obsessions" that recently hit the stores. Photographed in the comforts of his own home, Robbie offered us endless amounts of tea and interesting chats about his most memorable childhood memories and his modelling, all tied up with a few obsessions over this and that. Here we share little snippeds of this interesting boy's interview for Issue 7.

With Robbie being the obsession of many people over instagram, we had a nice long chat with him learning things not so many people know about him. His obsessions are sporadic and interesting, all stemming from different scenarios his life has created before him. Being a self-proclaimed loner at school, Robbie tells us in depth all about what he really thinks about modelling, tattoos, and most importantly, he explains the word ‘spleen’. Sort of.

Learn more of Robbie’s world with our Issue 7 teaser here, or inside the pages of Issue 7 "Obsessions", wrapped into a beautiful 8-page exclusive feature. Click here to find out how to get a copy of our latest issue.

Instant analogue by Cecilie Harris. Special thanks to IMPOSSIBLE.

We are shooting at your place today. What was it like to grow up here?
We have a park and shop, so nothing much happens in this town. It's got boring after 18 years of it, haha.

How would you describe yourself as a person?

Please do explain this.
Haha yes, I was walking down Oxford street with Jackson. My phone went off and I looked at it, and I had a comment on one of my Instagram photos from an Asian girl who’s English wasn’t that great and she wrote, 'Robbie, why you look so spleen?' and I thought it was brilliant, and have started using it ever since.

Where does your moon obsession come from?
Being a loner. I wanna live on it. If it was humanly possible I would live on it by myself.

Like ‘The Little Prince’ who lives on a planet on his own.
I would love that. Of course realistically I’d miss human interaction and all that stuff. But living on the moon, it sounds cool.

Talk me through some of your other obsessions.
I shoe shop like a girl. I have so many pairs and most of them are the same as well, like just the same shoes in different colours. I also have a word obsession, I am fascinated by words. Words in general and how you can manipulate them.

You used juxtaposition earlier. “Shall I just juxtaposition it”. I was rather impressed. Took me by surprise.
I did, didn’t I. Haha discombobulated, that’s a good one. Just words that sound right. It’s not so much that I read a lot and want to immerse myself in words, it’s more that I am fascinated by the effect and power that they have.

Interview by Cecille Harris.
Words by Molly Baker.

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