Time To Get Lost

6 October 2015

Having the time to wander aimlessly. Taking the time to get lost, pacing the streets without a purpose, constantly moving. Afloat and aloft. Free as a bird, floating between towns and cities, discovering what it means to be young. He knows he’s lucky - days spent alone in his bedroom without a care, allowed to loose himself in the romance of a Netflix film or the adventure of a game.

The time to be as free as this, should not be wasted. Embracing this space, slowing down time. Sometimes it is okay to let time stand still, as you discover, explore and experiment. Nowadays there is so much importance placed on direction and purpose, but what if you don’t know? What if the story is just as important as the destination? It might take you a while to get there, but it's all a part of it.

Reece at Select Model Management is young and a little bit lost, but he doesn’t really mind. He loves his friends and family, shopping and football. His direction at this given time is about freedom, growing and his paths falling softly into place.

You described yourself as average?
Looking at myself I don't see a particularly interesting person. I feel that I'm a lot like everyone else.

What do you admire about people you wouldn’t class as average?
I like how they are different, they have something that makes them stand out. That is something I would want too.

Instant Analogue by Cecilie Harris. Special thanks to IMPOSSIBLE.

You mentioned you tried to play guitar and it didn’t work out?
Yes I tried playing it for a few months. I started off trying everyday, and then it went to five and then three days, and eventually I stopped. You know when you start things off with good intentions and then it dwindles?

What do you do in your spare time?
I either go shopping or go out. I also spend a lot of my time in my room, just playing XBox and watching TV. I love watching Netflix.

What do you like about shopping?
You can show who you are by the clothes you choose and what you are wearing. Right now I’m wearing quite boring plain clothes, it goes with average haha!

Do you normally wear more vibrant clothes?
Not extremely over the top, not like Lady Gaga, but usually more colourful. It’s nice when you can see someone’s personality through what they wear.

And you spend a lot of time with your friends.
Yeah, I do like my own time, but I would rather spend time with other people. There’s no reason really, I just like company.

What are your friends like?
They’re alright. I’ve got one who’s also into modeling. He’s going off to join the army in a couple of days.

What do you look for in a friend?
You just need to really get on well with them.

What else do you like to do?
I spend a lot of my time just wandering aimlessly. I quite like doing that. I just like to happen to bump into new places or do something spontaneous. Say if you’re just with your friend and you can just jump on a train into London. I really enjoy that freedom. I also like playing sports. It's nice to be part of a team and run around. If you achieve something you feel good about it.

What do your family think about you modeling?
They are really proud of me for doing it. It’s completely out of nowhere that I got into it, so. Do you know where Woodford is? I was in a Tescos there, just off the Central line, and a model bumped into me and said he thought I had the right look and he introduced me to Select Model Management.

Do you have any dreams for the future?
I’d like to move abroad, I think it would be sunnier and more laid back. I like to chill out, so I think it would suit me!

Interview and words by India Opie Meres.

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