Three Troubles

2 June 2015

Constant random chat becomes never ending in the Boys by Girls family, and as these boys stroll in fresh from shooting for Issue 8 'The Trouble With Boys' it is no exception. Each boy has a unique quality that moulds them into one harmonious bond. They represent friendships where you behave like siblings; the teasing, tiffs and adventures is what you treasure. The person or people that would be there for you no matter what. A life without friends is like life on a desert island.

Editor-in-chief Cecilie Harris talks to Louie (Premier), Fabian (Storm) and Reece (Premier) about what makes a good friend and their dreams of becoming 77 year old gangsters with gold teeth and gold wheel chair rims. A gang of grandpa’s ridin’ dirty around Morrison’s, hilarious image right? It’s a breezy animated atmosphere as cheeky banter and jokes overfill the shoot location. To find out more about the boys and see the beautiful 10-page editorial, pick up a copy of Issue 8, to see Suburban Days in it's full glory.

Hey boys, would you like to introduce yourself?
My name is Louie Johnson and I’m at Premier.
My name is Fabian and I am also a robot. *everyone laughs*
My name is Reece and I’m at Premier also.

Let’s talk about what we’ve been doing today.
Reece: Getting really nice and cold, haha only joking. Wearing clothes. Modelling.
Louie: Little bit of this, little bit of that.

What was the story we shot today?
Fabian: Can I ask? Pause it pause it! The story would be…
Louie: Three friends.
Fabian: Cheers.
Louie: Three friends, kicking back having a good time. Chilling.

What does friendship mean to you guys?
Fabian: Oh I don’t have any haha, I'm joking.
Louie: Friends are family.
Fabian: Yeah man. I’m the same.
Louie: In my opinion loyalty makes you blood.
Fabian: That’s what I was just about to say! But I didn’t know whether it was too deep for the interview.
Reece: Always got your back.

What makes a good friend?
Fabian: Well you know, if they give you money every now and then.....
Reece: I’ll be serious. Loyalty…
Louie: Supportive.
Reece: Someone you can fuck around with I guess haha. Not literally.

What is it like to grow up today?
Fabian: I’d say it’s quite a hard day in age to grow up, because we’re expected to act like adults, but we’re treated like kids. Especially in school, I’m so grateful not to be in school now, because when I’m out of school and I’m living my life, I’m so young. I just don’t think school helps to mature you. School fucks with your head.
Louie: It depends where you’re from, what school you go to and who you hang around with. Everything makes it fall into place. I know people back in Liverpool who ended up in the best schools, and everyone they hang around with is legit. Then you’ve got people on the other side, stuff went wrong, they got kicked out of school in year 9 and they're in jail by year 11.
Reece: You’ve got to mature for yourself and make the right decisions for yourself.

If I invited you back here in 50 years, what kind of men do you think you’d be?
Louie: Old men. Crusty men. A 77 year old gangster.
Fabian: Yeah, I’ll have gold teeth no doubt.
Louie: I’ll have gold rims on my wheel chair me.
Fabian: And have wheels that spin the other way as you spin it, with a dollar sign in the middle.

What do you hope you would have achieved throughout those years?
Louie: Family, money, cars.
Fabian: And luxuries.
Louie: Happiness as well, that’s the most important thing.
Reece: Same. Family, happiness, always helps with a bit of money, I guess.
Louie: And hopefully my downstairs is still functioning when I’m 77. haha

Any other wise words you’d like to end with?
Fabian: Smile, even when it’s the hardest.
Reece: Don’t let anyone hold you back, just follow your mind and your heart.
Louie: Fuck people’s opinions, as long as you’re happy, do it.

Photography and Interview by Cecilie Harris.
Words by Vilija Kasiginaite.

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