Thirty Degrees

27 July 2020

When the night settles, desk fans whir in harmony around town to form the dull humming of sweltering, sleepless nights.

Desperate for air in a taxi for two, screeching windows roll down. Whipping in and out with violent animation, stale summer wind tugs and twists strands of hair in a desperate frenzy. Muscles shiver and bones shudder as bodies dip into shadows before being snatched back to the arid city landscape. Passengers and pedestrians lock eyes at 20 miles per hour; a mutual indifference exchanged. Engines groan in 30-degree heat, taking turn after turn to arrive at another temporary destination. Dry air scratches throats and sweat-stained shirts stick ruthlessly to skin while waiting outside a friend’s front door. It’s a city where nobody’s home until four. The cruel breeze rattles through the streets, disturbing dried leaves and nudging broken twigs while offering no reprieve from the relentless sun. Shoulders cave in, bodies beg for the mercy of shade while cold stone tiles mimic the cool side of a pillow on a midsummer’s night.

Inside, stone heads perch upon cabinets and marble torsos line the floors. Carved body parts point towards a forgotten library tucked away at the end of the hall. Dust coats every surface, calling life to disrupt it as knowledge stows away bound between covers. Staś Zienkiewicz at Uncover Models explores the undisturbed treasury of books and artefacts, drinking in information as Aldona Karczmarczyk photographs him basking in the respite from the savage sun.

Staś and Aldona hide out in the library until dusk falls on the city and the night crawls with life. Marcin Brylski dresses Staś in lightweight clothing and layers to the nines. Floodlights illuminate a garden museum as Staś leaps from fear to phobia in the shifting moonlight. Sweat rolls down spines whilst music rises from the city, with each song getting louder than the one before. Billowing grey smoke eclipses blinking stars as the sharp, piquant aroma of a barbeque fans out across the neighbourhood. When the night settles, desk fans whir in harmony around town to form the dull humming of sweltering, sleepless nights. When strangers twist and turn in damp sheets, engulfed by the sticky heat, the team begins their night-time crusade.

Thirty Degrees_1
Thirty Degrees_2

Above Left: Staś wears Shirt by Boss and Sunglasses by Versace
Above Right: Shirt by COS, Shorts by Ralph Lauren, Scarf by Dolce & Gabbana, Belt by Diesel and Boots by Hugo

Thirty Degrees_3

Above: Vest and Trousers by COS, Socks by Boss, Shoes by Calvin Klein

Thirty Degrees_4
Thirty Degrees_5

Above Left: Outfit as Before
Above Right: Shirt and Shorts by Burberry

Thirty Degrees_6
Thirty Degrees_7

Above: Coat by COS, Shirt and Shorts by Burberry, Neck-Strap by Kenzo, Boots by Sendra

Thirty Degrees_8
Thirty Degrees_9

Above Left: Outfit as Before
Above Right: Shirt by Drykorn, Trousers by Acne Studios, Chains by Designb

Thirty Degrees_10
Thirty Degrees_11
Thirty Degrees_12

Above Left: Vest and Shoes by Marc O'Polo, Jacket and Trousers by Boss and Sunglasses by Vogue
Above Right: T-Shirt by ASOS and Hat by MMC Studio Design

Thirty Degrees_14
Thirty Degrees_15
Thirty Degrees_16

Above Left: Shirt by Martin Asbjorn, Trousers by Jil Sander, Bag by Boss and Jewellery by Black Rock Jewel
Above Right: Coat by COS, Scarf by Versace and Trousers by Paul Smith

Thirty Degrees_17
Thirty Degrees_18
Thirty Degrees_19
Thirty Degrees_20
Thirty Degrees_21
Thirty Degrees_22

Above Left: Suit by Tiger of Sweden, Hat by Acne Studios, Belt by Burberry and Sandals by Rick Owens
Above Right: Outfit as Before

Thirty Degrees_23
Thirty Degrees_24
Thirty Degrees_25
Thirty Degrees_26
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