The World Of Bo

14 August 2012

We recently featured some teaser images by Cecilie Harris with Bo Develius (Nisch Managment) shot in his home town of Stockholm, which you can see here if you haven't already. We also took the opportunity to interview Bo as we wanted to find out more about this adorable boy. Have a read below to find out what his favorite things are, some wise words and why he doesn't like being tickled whilst eating water melon.

Keep an eye out for our upcoming book, 'A Place Called Youth', as a brand new story with Bo will be in there looking very handsome and Swedish!

What are your 5 favourite things?
Vacation, friends, music,"things with speed", and of course my job!

If you could give us any advise, what would it be?
Be strong, and be yourself!

Give us a Bo'ism.
There are no problems that can't be overcome - if you put your mind to it.

If you could be remembered in history with a Bo quote, what would it be?
Never take anything for granted.

How would you describe "The World Of Bo"?
A world full of possibilities, hard work and enjoyment!

Give us three random Bo facts.
Starting my last year in upper secondary school after the summer.
I hate being tickled, and eating watermelon; especially at the same time, haha..

What are a few of your favourite things about Sweden that we should know?
My favourite part of Sweden is the archipelago, I really recommend you to go there if you're in Sweden visiting!

4 things you dislike?
Being tickled.
I don't like watermelon.
Long cold and dark winters.
Finally the most annoying thing I know is when my lovely bookers at Nisch sings at the office! haha

5 things you love and why?
I love my bookers, when they're not singing!
I also like cooking, working out, traveling and spending quality time with good friends.

Can you give us "The Story Of Bo"?
I was discovered when I was 14, at a time when I didn't expect anything to happen workwise, then suddenly I was working all the time. Last year I had to work less so I could focus on school to get good grades for my graduation. Now I have one year left in school and I will be able to focus more on my modeling career.

Thanks Bo, we adore you more than Santa!

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