The Sunshine Syndrome

8 April 2019

Photographer Jade Danielle Smith
Fashion Christopher Preston
Words Matthew Regan
Grooming Meredith Lacosse
Model Toby Watkins at IMG Models

If you live anywhere remotely un-tropical, or anywhere that seemingly drifts into darkness for six (or eight) months of the year, you learn to grasp every droplet of sunshine that you possibly can. Here’s some good news - spring is (kind of, almost) but not quite sprung. This exclusive editorial, featuring Toby Watkins at IMG Models, photographed by Jade Danielle Smith, is here to remind you of that feeling. That unexplainable connection between the sun and us, aka the little specks that occupy the planet far below.

Yes, it’s Sunday. Definitely Sunday, or maybe even Saturday. Either way, you’ve been woken up early by the blazing light pouring through the curtain. Normally, you’d be angry - but it’s been away for so long, that any kiss from that old friend is welcome here. Every pore, every fine line on your face is illuminated; together as one in golden-flaxen-dusty shards.

Toby, with his boyish charm, takes it easy with the obligatory accessory for any self-respecting Brit - the cuppa/digestive biscuit combination. Looking out into the street below, the promise of a new day calls him out. Through narrow alleys and past buildings that have stood long before him; no deadlines, no plans - just peace. At least for now, because today is a well of opportunity. Because he has told the world that it is.

Stylist Christopher Preston works with relaxed silhouettes; sportswear goes lux with heritage checks, bold stripes, and a ‘70s sensibility. The look is all about the classic gentleman, with all of the confidence and pomp, and none of the exclusivity. It’s a warm embrace with the scent of burnt tobacco and vanilla, just perfect for strolling through Portobello market - or somewhere else in London that bustles with the same humble beauty. Can all days be like this one, universe? Pretty please.


Above Left: Full look by TOMMY HILFIGER
Above Right: Jacket and Zip Top by PS PAUL SMITH

Boysby Girls-Toby-JDS-Chris DSCF5063

Above: Track Jacket by ELLESSE

Boysby Girls-Toby-JDS-Chris DSCF3722

Above: T-Shirt by SANDRO

Boysby Girls-Toby-JDS-Chris DSCF3486

Above: T-Shirt and Shorts by SANDRO

Webversion2Boysby Girls-Toby-JDS-Chris DSCF3799_v2
Boysby Girls-Toby-JDS-Chris DSCF3532
Boysby Girls-Toby-JDS-Chris DSCF3498

Above: T-Shirt and Jeans by CALVIN KLEIN JEANS

Boysby Girls-Toby-JDS-Chris DSCF3816


Boysby Girls-Toby-JDS-Chris DSCF3438
Boysby Girls-Toby-JDS-Chris DSCF3569
Boysby Girls-Toby-JDS-Chris DSCF3993

Above: Track Jacket, Trousers and Shoes by STELLA MCCARTNEY

Boysby Girls-Toby-JDS-Chris DSCF5243-copy

Above Left: Top by TOPMAN, Tracksuit Bottoms by DSQUARED2 and Trainers by SANDRO
Above Right: Same as before

Boysby Girls-Toby-JDS-Chris DSCF5295
Boysby Girls-Toby-JDS-Chris DSCF5678-copy

Above Left: Track Jacket, Trousers and Shoes by Ellesse
Above Right: Same as before

Boysby Girls-Toby-JDS-Chris DSCF5529-copy
Boysby Girls-Toby-JDS-Chris DSCF4481-copy

Above Left: Same as before
Above Right: Top and Trousers by MCQ and Shoes by SANDRO

Boysby Girls-Toby-JDS-Chris DSCF5709
Boysby Girls-Toby-JDS-Chris DSCF5033-copy
Boysby Girls-Toby-JDS-Chris DSCF4520
Boysby Girls-Toby-JDS-Chris DSCF5572-copy

Above Left: Same as before
Above Right: Top by MCQ


Above: Track Jacket by PS PAUL SMITH and Tracksuit Bottoms by JOSEPH

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