The Self-proclaimed Quiet

28 October 2014

We had the pleasure of catching up with Emiel at SUPA Model Management, a self-proclaimed quiet and normal guy from Amsterdam. We learnt that what truly impresses this boy is music. His own talents reside in treading his fingers over a piano, although recently his life became so hectic that those passions had to fall silent, at least momentarily.

Emiel expresses how he was drawn to the 50s and 60s, not only for the impeccable style which is echoed in his own appearance, but for the music scene. As he recounts his former ambitions as a blues musician, we fall into silence and listen to the songs he recommends.

When he’s not working with Nicola Formichetti or stepping amongst Camden Markets, stretching his long legs and running makes him the happiest of all. With travels to Japan as an upcoming venture, his true affections lie at his own home. allegedly normal, proclaimed quiet, Emiel.

Who is Emiel?
I’m Emiel and I’m 19 years old. I’m from Amsterdam and with SUPA Model Management in London.

Tell us how you first got started with your modeling career.
I was a bartender and I actually got scouted where I worked.

What are you favorite parts of modeling so far?
The traveling.

Instant analogue by Cecilie HarrIs. Special thanks to IMPOSSIBLE.

Where are your favorite places you’ve been?
My favorite place would be Venice. It’s actually a lot like Amsterdam for me, but much prettier and with good food.

Aside from modeling, what do you like to do?
I go out with friends and stuff. Just chill actually. I like spending time with my parents as well.

What would you say inspires you the most?

What music do you listen to?
Oldies actually, from the 50s and 60s.

What songs would you recommend?
Penthouse Pauper by Creedence Clearwater Revival. It’s a very nice song. They’re an American rock band.

Nice, I’ll have to check that one out. Do you play any music yourself?
I used to play piano a long time ago. I played for four years at a conservatory. I actually wanted to do blues and jazz, but you don’t get that at a conservatory, so I dropped out.

And you didn’t try to play jazz on your own?
A little bit, but then I started working and didn’t have much time to do it. I still want to do it, but I’m really busy at the moment. I think when I’m less busy I want to buy one of those (points to piano) and start playing at home.

Does that mean you like 50s movies and things like that?
I like that in the 50s it was a lot easier. Not that it was easier, but you didn’t have much to worry about, because you didn’t have a cellphone or anything. It was less worrisome.

Tell us a story from your life at home.
I just work a lot actually and when I’m not working I’m with friends. I’m a quiet, normal guy.

What’s your favorite part of being back home?
Being with my friends, spending time with my parents, being in a comfortable atmosphere.

When are you the happiest?
I’m always happy, but if I feel good, if I sport a lot, and I feel healthy, then I'm happy.

What’ is your favorite part of London?
I’m just here for a week, but I really like Camden Market. It’s really cool, I like all the second hand shops. Also the statue of Amy Winehouse.

Where are you going next?
I hope back to Amsterdam, but Japan is an option as well.

Do you want to tell us a fun fact about yourself?
I used to be a gamer when I was in school.

Interview by Nancy Seline
Words by Liz Ord

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