The Sea Inside

29 April 2019

Photographer Emilia Staugaard
Fashion Kristoffer Vollhasse
Words David Gillespie
Grooming Cecilie Do
Model Johan Schade at Le Management

As virtuous gazes sail seamlessly upon the horizon, the moon cries out for the tide's return while the molten sun melts maidenly into tarmac twilight. Night-time drifts, hauling sways of sleepless stars upon her shoulders into the distance. The day awakens, painting the skies grey on his ascent whilst watching the waves below wreak havoc on anaemic sands. Shallowed shores serenade like sirens, anchoring trespassers to the harbour of the great blue abyss. What lurks below the oceanic mind of the youth? In this story, photographer Emilia Staugaard encapsulates Johan in his quest for self-discovery.

Societal strains swarm the sky like seagulls seeking saviour from starvation. No one knows what the future beholds, though the crippling clasp of adulthood’s clutch feels evermore engrossing. A war of priorities wavers; to pursue personal passions or succumb to parental pressures. Is the path ahead perpendicular like the pier one ponders upon? The vigour of innocence will perpetually pump through the veins of their treasured chests and though at times both bolted and buried, will again be unearthed when the riddled rivers of responsibility run dry.

The air above is brittle and brisk, but Johan, bathed in shades of ocean blue battles on through the clench of the capricious cold, radiating warmth wherever he endeavours. Styled by Kristoffer Vollhasse, Johan becomes one with the coast in body and mind, immersed in the splendour of nature’s spectrum. On this journey to adulthood, not all is certain. The seas will abide by the storms in the mind, so lay all fears aside and go forth with the tide.

Johan_BBG-by EMST-23
Johan_BBG-by EMST-33

Above Left: Jacket by BOOHOOMAN, Bomber by BJöRN BORG x RBN and Trousers by COS
Above Right: Rollneck by GUDRUN & GUDRUN, Tracksuit Jacket by HOLZWEILER, Blazer by BLACK DOT COPENHAGEN and Trousers by UNIQLO

Johan_BBG-by EMST-3
Johan_BBG-by EMST-20

Above Left: Kimono by ALL AT SEA
Above Right: Jacket by BOOHOOMAN, Bomber by BJöRN BORG x RBN and Trousers and Shoes by COS

Johan_BBG-by EMST-27
Johan_BBG-by EMST-42

Above Left: Jacket by GUDRUN & GUDRUN
Above Right: Kimono by ALL AT SEA, Blazer by BLACK DOT COPENHAGEN and Trousers by POLO RALPH LAUREN

Johan_BBG-by EMST-19
Johan_BBG-by EMST-1
Johan_BBG-by EMST-6

Above Left: Above Right: Kimono by ALL AT SEA, Blazer by BLACK DOT COPENHAGEN, Trousers by POLO RALPH LAUREN and Shoes by COS
Above Right: Jacket by HOLZWEILER, Jumper by POLO RALPH LAUREN and Jeans by COS

Johan_BBG-by EMST-18

Above: Shirt by CLEAN CUT COPENHAGEN, Jumper Vest by GUDRUN & GUDRUN

Johan_BBG-by EMST-38
Johan_BBG-by EMST-21

Above Left: Jumper and Rollneck by GUDRUN & GUDRUN
Above Right: Same as before

Johan_BBG-by EMST-102
Johan_BBG-by EMST-37

Above Left: Jumper by GUDRUN & GUDRUN
Above Right: Same as before

Johan_BBG-by EMST-14

Above: Shirt by CLEAN CUT COPENHAGEN, Jumper Vest by GUDRUN & GUDRUN and Necklace by PERNILLE CORYDON

Johan_BBG-by EMST-13
Johan_BBG-by EMST-72
Johan_BBG-by EMST-22
Johan_BBG-by EMST-40

Above Left: Björn Borg x Rbn
Above Right: Jumper and Rollneck by GUDRUN & GUDRUN and Trousers by UNIQLO

Johan_BBG-by EMST-25
Johan_BBG-by EMST-322
Johan_BBG-by EMST-26

Above Left: Hat by ITCHY SCRATCHY PATCHY, Cardigan by GUDRUN & GUDRUN and Necklace by Tascha Elena Nielsen
Above Right: Sweatshirt by MARTIN ASBJØRN and Jacket by UNIQLO

Johan_BBG-by EMST-24
Johan_BBG-by EMST-35

Above Left: Same as Before
Above Right: Trousers by UNIQLO and Shoes by ASOS

Johan_BBG-by EMST-8
Johan_BBG-by EMST-5
Johan_BBG-by EMST-31
Johan_BBG-by EMST-29
Johan_BBG-by EMST-222
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