The Sea Came Calling

7 May 2019

Photographer Jade Danielle Smith
Fashion Nathan Henry
Words Hedvig Werner
Grooming Rino Riccio
Fashion Assistant Jasmine Sauchella
Model Harrison Jones at NEXT

The sea welcomes your return, noble prince of Brighton.

Once upon a time on a beach that never came to an end, wandered Harrison Jones, a boy who got caught up in the stubborn South England winds. While searching the horizon for purpose, locking eyes with the edge of the world, the fierce landscape sought to engage the mind of the young maverick. Heavy, humid gusts of wind pushed onto land by violent waves, tasting of sea salt - caressed his skin, persuading the boy into submission to become heir apparent to the Brighton seaside.

With time, the role became taxing as the winds grew overbearing. On a Wednesday no different from other Wednesdays, Harrison, on the brink of exhaustion, ventured beyond the familiar sea, seeking solace in nearby pubs and street corners. While in hiding from the tide, he began retracting into a shell of his former being. As days, weeks, months fled him, he began to lose a sense of self. Turning left on Lavender Street onto Veronica Way one day, he was faced with a dead end. “Where to now?” he asked.

Faithfully, the sea came calling. Encouraged by Nathan Henry, Harrison concluded his self-imposed exile and sought out the sea to present his conditions, in a cool regal ensemble. The sea bowed in respect. Yet again, the prince wandered the Brighton seaside, serving nature on his terms. On the weekends, you can catch Harrison with a pint of Guinness at his local, where Jade Danielle Smith captured the pacific prince on one of his days off.

123400130002Harrison-digital-Boysby Girls-JDS-copy
123400140005Harrison-digital-Boysby Girls-JDS

Above Left: Top Coat by COS, Parka by PS Paul Smith, Suit by MR Start and Polo Shirt by BEN SHERMAN
Above Right: Parka by PRETTY GREEN, Jacket by DANIEL W FLETCHER, Shirt by YMC and Tie by MR START

123400130010Harrison-digital-Boysby Girls-JDS-copy
123400080006Harrison-digital-Boysby Girls-JDS
123400030003Harrison-digital-Boysby Girls-JDS

Above Left: Coat by MCQ, Blazer by MATTHEW MILLER, Top and Trousers by MARNI
Above Right: Suit by MR START, Polo Shirt by BEN SHERMAN and Shoes by GH BASS

DSCF7448Harrison-digital-Boysby Girls-JDS

Above Left: Jacket, Shirt and Trousers by SAINT LAURENT BY ANTHONY VACCARELLO, TIE by MR START
Above Right: Parka by PRETTY GREEN, Jacket by DANIEL W FLETCHER, Cardigan by BROOKS BROTHERS RED FLEECE, Shirt by YMC and Tie by MR START

DSCF7484Harrison-digital-Boysby Girls-JDS
DSCF7598Harrison-digital-Boysby Girls-JDS-copy
123400200010Harrison-digital-Boysby Girls-JDS

Above Left: Jacket by COLMAR, Suit by FARAH, Shirt by FILIPPA K

DSCF7501Harrison-digital-Boysby Girls-JDS
123400060010Harrison-digital-Boysby Girls-JDS
123400090004Harrison-digital-Boysby Girls-JDS

Above Left: Jacket and Suit by COS, Polo shirt by FRED PERRY x MILES KANE and Shoes by GH BASS
Above Right: Same as before

123400100004Harrison-digital-Boysby Girls-JDS
DSCF7818Harrison-digital-Boysby Girls-JDS
DSCF7937Harrison-digital-Boysby Girls-JDS

Above: Suit by MR START, Polo Shirt by BEN SHERMAN, Sunglasses by FERRAGAMO and Shoes by GH BASS

123400100007Harrison-digital-Boysby Girls-JDS-copy
123400190006Harrison-digital-Boysby Girls-JDS
123400180007Harrison-digital-Boysby Girls-JDS
DSCF7699Harrison-digital-Boysby Girls-JDS

Above Left: Jacket by MYAR, Suit by VIVIENNE WESTWOOD and Scarf from Stylist's Archive
Above Right: Jacket by COLMAR, Suit by FARAH, Shirt by FILIPPA K, Sunglasses by FERRAGAMO and Shoes by GH BASS

DSCF8014Harrison-digital-Boysby Girls-JDS
123400180006Harrison-digital-Boysby Girls-JDS

Above Left: Same as before
Above Right: Jacket by MYAR, Suit by VIVIENNE WESTWOOD, Shirt by CARRIER COMPANY, Scarf from Stylist's Archive and Boots by SAINT LAURENT BY ANTHONY VACCARELLO

123400180002Harrison-digital-Boysby Girls-JDS
123400170009Harrison-digital-Boysby Girls-JDS
123400130008Harrison-digital-Boysby Girls-JDS
123400020006Harrison-digital-Boysby Girls-JDS
123400050001Harrison-digital-Boysby Girls-JDS-copy
123400130009Harrison-digital-Boysby Girls-JDS-copy
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