The Scandi Club

5 May 2015

A pale and illustrious boy comes through the Boys by Girls office, his slender frame towering through the doorway. His rosy cheeks flourish progressively and the pearly colour of his hair blends into his pale white skin. We are greeted with a mellow, sing-songish ‘Hi’, spoken from the eyes aswell as the heart. There’s something particularly sweet about our blue eyed Swedish boy. A sense of innocence and timidity appears as our seemingly quiet boy makes himself at home on the floor in the office (this is normal). Leaning back slightly, briefly scratching the back of his neck, we begin to dig deep into a boy who is full of beautiful imperfections.

Jake begins to unravel his unique details and charms, letting us into his world of creative practices. Being 6 ft. 3, he isn’t just that ‘annoying guy’ that has to apologise every time he stands in front of you at a concert. Amusement fills the office as we engage in casual, relaxed conversation, explore the routes of his Scandinavian background and go into thoughts about what lies ahead for Jake Andrew.

Why don’t you introduce yourself Jake?
I’m Jake Andrews, I’m at D1 Models and I live in St. Almonds. I’m 17 years old and I’m studying Arts, Media Studies, Foreign Languages and Photography.

That’s a lot of things! If you had to pick one of those subjects, what would be your biggest passion?
Probably Art. I’m quite into that, because that’s what I want to do at University.

Instant analogue by Cecilie Harris. Special thanks to IMPOSSIBLE.

What kind of art?
Well, that’s why I’m doing a foundation course, to find out what I really want to do.

Have you always been doing art related things?
Yeah, probably most of my family are the same. My mum is a Graphic Designer and my dad owns a publishing company. So we’re all quite artsy!

What’s your favourite type of art?
I think I’m more into photography at the minute, producing portraits and that kind of stuff. I’m doing a lot of unusual portraiture at the minute, adapting a regular shot to make it more unusual incorporating face paint, masks, stuff like that. For my final project I'm creating a series of pictures for a little show with 20 photos, in A3 size.

Now you’re in the world of fashion and you’re working with photographers, are you picking up knowledge from them?
Yeah, I have connections now so I can talk to them about photography in particular. Today, I did a little test shoot and I was able to get some tips on taking photos.

What sort of things have you learnt now being on the other side of the camera, in front of the camera?
Well just taking note on how I interact in front of the camera. Like today, I had to loosen up more and be more fluid whilst they were taking the shots. Oh, and finding the right lighting, I’m quite good at that. I have to keep concentration at all times, especially whilst I’m moving around. I used to do that quite a bit, if I moved my body I’d lose the look in my face. So I’m learning to do both at the same time.

How would you describe yourself in 3 words?
Scandinavian, I’m from Sweden.

Does your family live here?
No my grandparents don't. I was actually born on a holiday. My mum is Swedish, but I grew up here.

You’re in The Scandi Club here then!
Otherwise I guess I am creative. Obviously everything I’m interested in is on the creative side. I'm also very tall haha.

What are the benefits of being tall?
You can see further ahead. I can stand at the back of concerts and see everything.

Oh, you’re that annoying guy that if I’m behind you I can’t see a thing haha. Do you have to apologise to everyone behind you?
Yeah I normally have too. I’m quite popular for people wanting to go on my shoulders though, so that’s another benefit!

Tell me a few random facts about yourself.
I used to have two extra toes. I had to get them both removed, so now I’ve got big gaps. That’s random isn’t it? You can’t really see much now. Just lumps. I collect watches too. Just like Rolex’s. I have a drawer full.

Coming back to modelling, what would be your dream job?
I would like to do more catwalks. I haven’t actually had the chance to do many, and something abroad maybe, somewhere like America or Paris. Or a job for a well-known brand would be nice.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
Hopefully not living at home. I'd also quite like to move abroad.

Would you ever live in Sweden?
I’d like too, I haven’t been since I was about 4 or 5 years old. My grandparents live over there.

You should go, explore the country on your own. Do you speak the language?
No, that’s why I chose to study Foreign Languages to try and learn, because you can pick a particular language. I picked Swedish. I’d probably be able to pick up the language quickly, because I have a cousin and an uncle over there too and my cousin is my age. I could pick up the slang as well!

It’s so beautiful there too.
Yeah it is. I’ve seen photos, but I can’t really remember when I went.

Are you an outdoorsy person?
Yeah, I like snow and I can snowboard.

You’re a good Scandinavian then! Is there anything else you want people to know about you?
I’ve got natural hair even though everyone says I dye it. Every casting I’ve been to they’ve asked about my hair.

Interview by Cecilie Harris.
Words by Vilija Kasiginaite.

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